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Five Insane But True Things About Sleep Tech Shirts 30 April 10 02:52 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Well, they're five true things, anyway! A few months ago, we here at ADVANCE stumbled across a little tool called the linkbait generator. Users type in a word or phrase and it comes up with somewhat outlandish headlines. It's all completely tongue-in-cheek, Read More...
New Scrubs Line: Healing Hands Scrubs 30 April 10 12:49 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
The soft fabric makes these unique scrubs a hit. Scratchy is not an option in my wardrobe. I have a Michael Jordan T-shirt that my grandfather scored at McDonald's in the ‘80s. It's threadbare, slightly holey and the softest, most amazing shirt ever. Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Serving Up a Recipe for SLPs 23 April 10 01:26 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
For speech-language pathologists who can stand the heat. Aprons are great. I'm currently painting my apartment and I've ruined clothes in the process. An apron could help with that. I'm also about the messiest person in the world when it comes to cooking. Read More...
An Opportune Occurrence: Better Hearing and Speech Month and a T-shirt Sale! 23 April 10 11:52 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Find your favorite T-shirts for Better Hearing and Speech Month and get a bargain! I love it when a plan comes together. I also love quoting The A-Team , but that's beside the point. Online shopping ranks high on the list of stuff I love to do, and it's Read More...
A Reminder of “The Lady with the Lamp” 16 April 10 02:37 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Make your ceremony special with ceramic nursing lamps. As nursing students across the country prepare to take the Florence Nightingale Pledge and start their careers as nurses, they're reminded of the history of the profession and of a woman regarded Read More...
Nurses Week Gift Guide: Nurse Jewelry and Accessories 15 April 10 05:02 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Get the nurse in your life some bling. Last decade called. It wants its subhead back. While I don't really think people call it "bling" so much anymore, jewelry and accessories can make great National Nurses Week gifts, especially for those nurses who Read More...
What Are You Planning for National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week 2010? 09 April 10 02:37 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Here are some Lab Week 2010 ideas from readers of ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals. The editorial team at ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals assembled a great resource center for its readers. The Lab Week Tool Kit is stuffed full Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Angel Clock 09 April 10 09:52 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
This angel clock is 55 percent off of the original price and would make a great gift! Ten dollars just doesn't get you much these days. I've been realizing that more and more because I'm in the midst of a move. Want to have your cable and Internet at Read More...
New Nurse Design Center Opens For Business! 02 April 10 02:18 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Find your logo for nurses and click away! Something exciting happened at ADVANCE Healthcare Shop this week! No, it wasn't the gorgeous 70 degree weather (although that is pretty exciting) or a strange balloon incident a few miles from the office. I'm Read More...
Nurses Week Gift Guide: Great Nurses Week Gifts You Can Personalize! 01 April 10 06:24 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Recipients will never lose these personalized nurse gifts. Growing up, pens, scissors and tape were a serious area of contention in my house. Who took the good pen? Where in the world did the scissors get to? The tape is not where it belongs. My dad had Read More...

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