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Time’s Winding Down on our Most Memorable Mentor Contest!

Published 04 May 10 05:26 PM
Thank you for sharing your stories.

When we decided to go forward with the Most Memorable Mentor Contest for this year's National Nurses Week contest, I didn't know what to expect. I hoped that we'd get some truly great entries and that nurses would proudly share their stories and introduce us to their mentors. It sounds cliché, but I have been absolutely blown away by the responses.

We've had a great number of nurses enter the contest, and whenever I get a few minutes I read over the entries. I'm a little nervous about how we'll choose a winner with so many mentors who've changed so many lives. You've shared your stories with us and they're amazing.

People say nurses "eat their young." Nursing is at times a thankless job full of long hours, difficult situations and unexpected happenings. These stories give a positive look into the field and celebrate those who strived to make life better for new nurses.

If you haven't entered the Most Memorable Mentor Contest yet, you still have time - until May 12. This year's prizes are great, and just for entering you get a 20 percent off coupon to ADVANCE Healthcare Shop. Check out the details and see all of the entries on our Most Memorable Mentor Contest page. Here are some excerpts from the great stories we've received so far.

"Deezy was the ultimate nurse, a born caregiver to her patients, her friends, and especially to me and my family. Her daughters called her ‘a force of nature' and that she was." -Margie

"[Colonel Nellie Roach, USAF, NC (Retired)] was right that taking care of people was the best part but I emphasized on my business cards her words-‘Always do what is right.' It never failed." -Laura

"Joyce has mentored me to think before I speak, to be honest with my thoughts and to not be afraid to be myself. In having known Joyce, I have grown as an Emergency Nurse, learned to be a better person as a whole, and most important, discovered that I have the potential to do and be anything I want to, as long as I reach for the stars and believe in myself." -Tia

"I am forever changed by the mentorship of Sandra Pate, nurse and midwife. Blessed are the babes that have been born of her hands, and blessed am I for being the apprentice of a master. My work as a midwife now carries Sandra's legacy to new generations." -Erin

"That is where I met an RN that took the time to notice I was scared. What grew from those very-needed, simple explanations grew into my having a true mentor for my approach to patient and family teaching to my professional career. A lot of people don't want to ‘share' what they know because they internally fear that they will lose that superior knowledge advantage if others know it too. Anne Marie taught me there are 3 things to always remember: ‘A candle's light doesn't diminish by lighting another candle...' and I use that as my guide for educating preceptees, students and colleagues; ‘What if this patient was your mother' an old adage but I hear it when I'm rushed or frustrated; and then for my career, ‘Invest in yourself' whether that is education, taking time to not wear withered scrubs or dirty shoes or thinking of yourself positively, they all matter." -Duncan

"I owe Winona many debts that I can never fully repay, and 2,500 words is woefully inadequate to tell the story; but I can certainly take this opportunity to praise her extraordinary characteristics and acknowledge that having her in my life is a blessing I hold very close to my heart." -Judy

"Ms. Jean McHugh does not need my approbation, as her title says it all. She is Assistant Director of Nursing and Clinical Assistant Professor at Downstate Medical Center, carrying MSN, APRN, BC, CS beside her name. But to me, she is so much more." -Rachel

"My mentor was Mrs. Del Crispo. She was my first head nurse, an angel in white, cap, dress, stockings and polished clinics; her hair in a twist. She always believed in me and her nursing staff." -Karen

"‘You are going to be a formidable nurse.' I had known Forrest Nettleton, RN, less than 2 days when he said that to me the first time." -Darci

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