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Pens Help With Nurses’ Organizational Methods

Published 18 June 10 01:25 PM
Why not go the fun route with your nurse pens?

While perusing the ADVANCE for Nurses Facebook page a few weeks back, I noticed that one of our editors asked nurses what helps keep them organized in the midst of a busy shift. I was surprised to read many comments praising that little, well-known device, the pen.

Nurses who commented on the post cited pens frequently and mentioned that different color ink is key to the organizational process. Here are a few snippets of the pen praise:

-"I have a sheet of paper for each patient I have been assigned to and write out meds, vs, and anything else that I need to do for that 1 patient," Rachel wrote. "I use blue and red ink so that I can keep my info separate for what is scheduled and what has been done."

-"Different colored ink for different info works the best for me!!!!!" Jennifer exclaimed.

-"Prayer before I hit the clock, colored ink, times written for next meds and prn, allow one melt down per shift, and know when to ask for help," Tammy said. "I debrief myself also."
With those in mind, I went hunting for some pens that could get the job done without being blah. If nurses use a ton of pens in a ton of different colors, those nurse pens may as well be fun, right?

Three-color nurse pens. These have everything the color coding nurse needs, all in one sleek little pen. The pen feature three colors - red, blue and black, the favorites of the commenters on our Facebook page. They come in a package of three, too, so if you misplace one of the three-color nurse pens (or if someone "borrows" one), you'll have two backups ready and waiting. The three-pack costs $4.99 - that's a lot of different colored ink for under $5!

Bird nurse pens. I'll admit it. This guy has little to do with organization, but when I spotted him it was love at first sight. The bird nurse pen will make all that documentation just a wee bit more fun, and you're sure to get some comments as you tote him around with your charts. The bird nurse pen would be a hit with children, so nurses working in pediatrics might enjoy this big pink pen.

Syringe nurse pens. The reviewers on our site raved about these realistic red-ink (of course!) pens. "Very interesting and fun pens! Everyone in my class wanted one when they saw them." Alishia wrote. The syringe nurse pens come in a pack of four so you'll have plenty if someone else likes one so much it goes missing. You can even share them when people ask where you got the syringe pens. A four-pack of syringe nurse pens will set you back $5.99, and because they're red ink, they work perfectly in many nurse organization systems!

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