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Pretty, Simple and High Quality: Medelita Designer Labcoats

Published 28 October 10 10:24 AM
Sometimes you need to splurge.

I'm a stickler with money. I frequent yard sales and thrift stores, equipped with a frugality instilled by both sets of grandparents. My paternal grandmother only owns things she gets as gifts, found at yard sales or purchased at thrift stores. My maternal grandfather spent each Saturday morning, spring through fall, driving around and scouring the surroundings for yard sales.

When it comes to my collection of clothes, most came from discount stores, thrift shops or yard sales, or - even better - were hand-me-downs from friends and family. Every  now and then, though, I have to splurge for something truly high quality.

Now, high quality isn't just a brand name. I won't buy something just for the label - especially because I know I could find it on eBay or in a thrift shop for much, much less if I really want it. When I do get the big bucks out, it's always for something meeting two qualifications: I'll use it very frequently, and it will last me a very long time.

The last big splurge was on a pair of brown riding boots. I coveted them for months, prohibited by the price tag. When the holiday deals rolled around though, I couldn't resist, and piled coupons on top of coupons to get the price down to something manageable. The boots are high quality leather, and except for a little scuffing - to be expected - they held up beautifully from last year to this year, and I wear them at least twice a week with casual clothes on the weekends and work clothes during the week. Mission accomplished on that one.

When we added the "Callia" labcoat by Medelita to ADVANCE Healthcare Shop, I noted that the price was quite a bit higher than our other labcoats. Then I started to think about my boots and other higher end items I purchased throughout the years.

This designer labcoat would be great for nurse practitioners and physician assistants who want something high-quality that will last a long time. A PA bought the designer labcoat and reviewed it, saying "I splurged and bought this labcoat and was amazed at the quality, appearance, fit, and construction. This coat is wonderful - a great addition to my professional wardrobe."

Because of the quality construction and fabric, these designer labcoats are going to stick around for years. Additionally, the shape of this Medelita labcoat was designed by a female PA, so it's not boxy like some of the other labcoats. Instead, it's cut to fit a female form, so it will look great, too.

With wrinkle-resistant fabric and stain-repellant treatment, this Medelita designer labcoat won't be a hassle to maintain. They really thought of everything - the designer labcoat even has side slits in it so you can access your pants pockets throughout a busy shift.

What do you think? Is it worth it to splurge every now and then, or would you rather buy stuff for a lower price and hope it lasts?

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