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Party Like a Nurse

Published 10 May 11 03:53 PM
Each year we strive to bring you the latest scrub styles and medical equipment designed to make your day more efficient and comfortable. Our hope is that each product will bring a smile to your face.

Our exclusive Nurses Week celebration t-shirts are always a hit because they feature artwork and catchy slogans you can't find anywhere else. To date, the "Party Like a Nurse" shirt is our No. 1 best-selling t-shirt. Our second-most popular shirt features the slogan "Don't Make Me Use My Nurse Voice."

Despite the popularity of these shirts, the slogans struck a chord with some nurses.

One nurse wrote to us and said the t-shirts "denigrate the profession and are just unprofessional."

Another nurse called the "Party Like a Nurse" slogan a "stereotypical portrayal of nurses as party animals and worse."

At ADVANCE, we believe nurses and allied healthcare professionals are the heart of healthcare. We have the utmost respect for the truly selfless work nurses do every day. ADVANCE for Nurses recently posted a call-out on Facebook for nurses to define their profession in five words or less. Responses included "Not for sissies," "The art of caring," "The most rewarding experience ever." We couldn't agree more.

Thus, our mission is to bring you products that celebrate your profession, inspire you and hopefully spark a laugh or two during your busy workday.

To achieve these goals, we often use slogans submitted by healthcare professionals. We regularly run ideas by healthcare professionals with whom we've built close relationships with over the years. We also ask for input from ADVANCE editors who understand their audience's needs and concerns. By doing this, we can confidently offer products that make healthcare professionals like you feel understood and appreciated.

Likewise, we appreciate your support of the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop. The sales of our healthcare merchandise enable us to offer 13 FREE publications and an award-winning website, filled with clinical information, job postings and career advice that nurses and healthcare professionals have come to rely on for more than 20 years. Our hope is to continue offering these valuable resources free to the medical community.

We value your thoughts and feedback, positive or negative, on how we can continue offering products that celebrate your profession. So please keep your feedback coming!

What do you think about the "Party Like a Nurse" t-shirt? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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Thank you for puntitg my blog in your blog roll. I think that nurses are not given the credit that we deserve. I look forward to watching your progress. Anything I can do to help from here in the US, let me know! Happy blogging!

Kristine Kristine, iBdxVrLmDYs - gLVahueaRYClnEj, edaLltXG February 20, 2012 7:33 AM

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