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Generation Y Contest for Rehab Professionals

Published 16 May 11 11:02 AM

ADVANCE's Generation Y Contest asks rehab professionals to share words of wisdom for young workers entering their field. (For details on how to participate, click here.)

Here's the advice from our contest participants:

"Try to complete CE courses when your in school still, you'll have a leg up on the competition. Also, practice transfers, they are a beast! Most of all, have fun!!" - Rosalyn, Occupational Therapy

"Embrace yourself for a joyous ride!" - Kamla Dulcio, Respiratory Therapy

"Never think you know all there is about Sp. & Lang. issues. Each year you'll look back at what you knew then and compare it to what you know now and realize how much greater your knowledge has become." - Nikki Morejon, Speech Therapy

"Make a commitment to learn from your coworkers in any discipline, your patients and their families, and continuing education every year, and keep an organized log. Read, network, and ask questions!" - Stephanie Lancaster, Occupational Therapy

"Be humble and learn from your mentors; take up challenges and don't be afraid of asking for help. Keep up to date with the latest researches in YOUR area and others as well. Enjoy working as an SLP!" - Claudia Cruz-Fuller, Speech Therapy

"The most important piece of advice is to like what you are doing. When you do not like what you are doing, it shows through. Patients know when you are unhappy in your "chosen" profession." - Kathy Mellott, AuD, Audiology

"When stressed out from work, shift your thinking to include an awareness that you are changing lives, one client at a time. You are becoming a true "agent of change." - Nancy Telian, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Therapy

"Please respect, don't ignore, older workers in your field (even your co-worker-peers starting new careers). Even if they are newbies, they have worklife lessons they'd love to share with you." - Myra Rubinstein, Respiratory Therapy

"In this world where children and adults are faced with traumas and difficulties, consider thinking outside of the box and learning complementary treatment methods for treating the whole patient." -
Judith Anderson, Physical Therapy

"Never shut yourself from learning. Continue to learn and build on your existing knowledge as it will carry you through life." - Kim Wood, Occupational Therapy

"Never be too good to stop learning. During your first year of work you will learn more than you did in all your years of schooling. Be open to new ideas, new concepts, and new ways to learn." -
Lauren Koczarski, Speech Therapy

"Most of my classmates jumped jobs in the first year of work only to find they didn't like the new job they jumped into. Try other clinics PRN first to decide if they are the team and job to leave for."
- Rob Dixon, Physical Therapy

"Try to think like your managers, especially on the business side. You've been hired to give more than quality care; you're part of the team to help the business make money. Think beyond care." -
David Abelow, Physical Therapy

"Don't be afraid to think outside the box and be creative to best assist your patients. Every patient is different and there is no "Cookie Cutter" method to treating everyone." -
Rachael Arndt, PTA, Physical Therapy

"Strive to be a leader of character and competence; your actions today affect the patients of tomorrow." -
Tom Pietrantonio, Respiratory Care

"Listen, care and teach all around you. As someone learning in the field, you can not only teach your coworkers things - they may not be up on the latest info - you can also teach all those around you." - Ariane Buffum,
Occupational Therapy

"Remember that you are only human and you WILL mess it up at some point. If you are honest with your clients they will understand!" -
Ryan Eagles, Speech Therapy

"Don't be afraid to ask questions! Your colleagues WANT to see you succeed; ask for tips and suggestions. Don't act as if you know everything while you are still learning."
- Kimberly McCallister, Speech Therapy

"SLP is dynamic; consider and intergrate new research into your perspectives, diagnosis and treatment. The moment you think you know it all is the moment you will hinder your development as a therapist." -
Alysia Aumick, Speech Therapy

"Keep an open mind and a tender heart. When we take time to realize how difficult it is to operate with a disability, we truly appreciate the simple mundane tasks of daily life." - Donna Fogarty,
Occupational Therapy

"Be a good listener to your patients so that you can establish goals to address their needs as well as your own for their course of therapy." -
Kathy Gildner, Physical Therapy

"Be ready, willing and able to get your hands dirty and learn everything you can while you're at it! Find a good mentor and stick with them! That's how newbies will learn from you!" -
Nick Teal, Sleep Medicine

"Progress Not Perfection! None of us is perfect, but we can make progress with an open heart and mind." -
Sally Whited, Physical Therapy

"When negotiating, get it in writing! ... oh, and ALWAYS carry a pen." -
Christy Long, Speech Therapy

"Smile. Lots. I'm not kidding.There are things you can't control in your career - difficult patients, heavy assignments, the economy. But your attitude? This you can, and nothing says it more than a big smile." -
Alissa Green, Respiratory Therapy

"Once you pass the boards, confidence and compassion are the two key qualities that make a good provider. Remember that you are no better than anyone else, but you are just as good!" -
Mari Knettle, PT, DPT

"I am an OTA student and my advice to younger students is to keep an open mind because not all of your patients will respond to the same treatment methods because they are all unique individuals." - Kimberly Wood, Occupational Therapy

"Never get too confident. Keep reading, keep researching and keep yourself up-dated on new techniques. We work with humans who are constantly changing and evolving, and our field is always changing." - Jessica Marshall, Physical Therapy

All participants will receive 20% off their next purchase from the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop. Plus, one person will be selected to win a $35 gift certificate to the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop. The winner will be selected by ADVANCE based on the most profound and/or wittiest advice. Click here to participate.

Be sure to join  the ADVANCE Healthcare Shop's Facebook community if you'd like to participate in future contests and receive exclusive discounts and deals. 

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You want to run a Facebook contest to grow your following, but you don't have the marketing budget to

August 1, 2011 1:18 PM

Last month we asked readers of our rehabilitation publications to submit advice to young professionals

June 24, 2011 11:31 AM

Try to think like your managers, especially on the business side of things.  More and more clinical decisions are being driven by the economics of the business. And you've been hired to do more than deliver care; you're there to deliver an experience and make your company money. You can't do that without thinking beyond your clinical island.

David Abelow May 25, 2011 3:56 PM

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