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Surviving Holiday Shopping

Published 03 December 13 02:45 PM

What’s your game plan? Everyone needs one, even if it’s procrastination. Thankfully for me, I have an anal retentive brother who creates lists upon lists. He even saves the lists we used from the past few years so we can review and make the most informed gift list for this upcoming season. Frankly, I get exhausted just thinking about it, but he’s the best I’ve got for a Santa’s little helper, so I can’t complain. What happens when you don’t have an OCD family-member to help?  It’s time to take a deep breath, and get into that holiday shopping spirit, even if you come in kicking and screaming.  Here are some suggestions that might help you get through this holiday season…practically unscathed. 

1)      Shopping Online – Since your pants might be too tight after that day of indulgence, we refer to as Thanksgiving , stay in your PJs and shop from the comfort of your recliner.  You can avoid the crowd and the stress of being trampled to death over that last “must-have” toy everyone is talking about.

2)      Make A List – Santa’s been known to do it every year, so check your list to see who’s been naughty and nice and maybe this year you’ll be able to remember to get a gift for your third cousin twice removed.

3)      Gift Cards – Nowadays it’s even easier to go this route, because you can find gift certificates everywhere and for every single person on your list.  Even if it’s Christmas Eve, most websites allow you to print out a copy of that “down-to-the-wire, save your butt” electronic gift card on the spot.

4)      Shopping at Off Hours – If you are not fond of the internet or if you have to see physically see and touch the present to know it’s the one, then taking some time to go when there are less people to aggravate you.  Taking a day off of work, might do the trick to avoid those long lines. If you can’t get the day off, shopping an hour before the store closes can also be a great time to get in that last-minute rush of gift searching.

5)      Shop Closer to Christmas – If procrastination is your friend this holiday, so might be shopping closer Christmas day.  More stores are willing to give an added incentive to buyers to clear their shelves when it comes down to that crunch. If you do your best work while under the gun, then this might be the best time for you.

6)      Save Early – Unfortunately for most of us, it’s already a bit too late, but by setting aside some extra cash or selling some wares on eBay, you might just get into the right frame of mind and stay jolly this holiday season.

7)      Create a Budget – Bigger is always better, or so Pinterest would like us to believe, but even Pinterest can give you great ideas for holiday gifts on a budget.  If you are crafty, now’s your time to shine.  Trust me, your friends and family will probably remember and treasure your gift more if it’s something you’ve created with your own two hands.

Do Your Research – If you have a list put together, then make it easy on yourself by going online or checking your local papers to see who has the lowest prices.  By doing just a bit more research ,you will save yourself some much needed extra cash to buy the things you really wanted for Christmas! 

We’d love to hear from you. Tell us how you survive holiday shopping!  

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