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Top 5 Nursing Myths Debunked

Published 20 July 15 03:46 PM

Top 5 Nursing Myths Debunked

Every nurse is going to come up against nursing stereotypes at least once in their life. Maybe your friends believe you’re a doctor’s errand runner or that becoming a nurse is a cakewalk. Some of them may watch Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs and think that these shows make them a nursing expert. If only they knew the truth.

It’s past time to set the record straight. That’s why we’re putting some of the most common nursing myths to rest.

Nursing Myth #1: Nurses are doctors’ little helpers

Some people believe that a nurse is essentially a doctor’s assistant, but this is not the case at all. Nurses may update doctors on a patient’s status, but that does not mean they actually work for doctors. Nurses and doctors will interact, but a nurse’s primary role is assisting their patients and taking care of their needs rather than a doctor’s.

Nursing Myth #2: Nursing is a woman’s job

On the contrary, nurses can be female or male.  While the majority of nurses are female, the number of male nurses is rising as stereotypes against male nurses slowly dissolve. Male nurses are just as capable as female nurses, and gender should have no significant role in the nursing profession.

Nursing Myth #3: Anyone can be a nurse

False! Becoming a nurse requires an educational background and extensive medical training. To succeed as a nurse, you need to possess critical thinking skills and vast reservoirs of patience. Nurses are responsible for the well-being of multiple patients, and their position should never be taken lightly.

Nursing Myth #4: Nurses aspire to be doctors

A common misconception, nurses are not doctors who didn’t make the cut. Nurses join the profession because they want to work closely with their patients and provide invaluable services to those same individuals. They accept the responsibilities of nursing because they are passionate about their career.

Nursing Myth #5: All nurses are the same

Nothing could be further from the truth. Not all nurses receive the same training, work towards the same career goals or have the same duties. For example, there is a significant difference between a pediatric nurse and an emergency nurse. Pediatric nurses deal with the care of children while emergency nurses treat patients that arrive in the emergency room. A nurse’s expertise depends on the career path they have chosen.

Unfortunately, we’re just scratching the surface with these 5 nursing myths. There are countless more that we did not address in this post.

Hopefully, with time, some or all of these nursing misconceptions will disappear. Until that day, keep in mind why you became a nurse in the first place and remember that all of your work is appreciated.

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