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10 Must Have Nursing School Supplies

Published 06 August 15 08:36 AM

10 Essential Nursing School Supplies 

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost that time of year again – back to school time. For nursing students, this realization may have you feeling stressed out, but never fear! ADVANCE will help you prepare for the upcoming school year.

In order to survive nursing school, students require back to school supplies. From office accessories to nursing scrubs to medical clogs, ADVANCE Healthcare Shop carries all of the trade-specific tools and nursing school supplies that you could possibly need.  

Need help creating your back to school checklist? Here’s 10 back to school essentials to ensure nursing school success. These nursing school supplies are not exclusive to nursing students, as many registered nurses and healthcare professionals will find these items useful as well.

1. Scrubs - It’s a given that every nursing student should own a set of scrubs. What scrub set you choose depends on school dress codes and personal preference. If you’re allowed some flexibility, pick a scrub top that matches your style, whether you select a print scrub top or a solid scrub top. Then pair your scrub top with matching scrub pants for an attractive look!

Make sure to double check with your school before making any purchases. You may need to buy your scrubs from somewhere in particular for your school’s custom logo or embroidery.

No matter what, your scrubs should not only be professional but also comfortable. No one said you had to suffer in discomfort for hours at end, so pick a scrub set that fits your exact needs.

2. Nursing Shoes – After you’ve shopped for scrubs, you can’t forget to pick out some nursing shoes to match. When you’re on your feet constantly, it’s important to wear shoes that will naturally support you all day long. So it’s only logical to pick from the very best brand name medical clogs and nursing shoes. Dansko, Landau and Sanita are just a few of the brands that come to mind, but there are so many more.

Thankfully, these medical clogs are designed for the modern healthcare professional or nursing student. Incredible features include a breathable footbed, anti-skid tread and a shock absorbent outsole to ensure your utmost comfort. Consider your daily requirements before making a final decision.


3. Nursing Bag – With all the studying that lies ahead of you, you’ll definitely need a roomy tote bag, messenger bag or backpack. When you’re figuring out which nursing bag to choose, keep an eye out for one made of a tougher material. All of those heavy textbooks need a durable bag for easy transportation.

Also, your best bet is to grab a nursing bag with plenty of storage. The last thing you need during exams is to run out of room for all of your studying materials.


4. Pens – It’s always smart to have multiple pens on hand. Even with the prominence of technology, pens are still useful to have. You never know when you’ll need to jot down some notes, a reminder or other important info.

Now, you could carry the old, reliable click pen, or you could mix it up with a unique pen that showcases your profession. Either way, you should have extras just in case since pens have a habit of magically disappearing.

5. Stethoscope – Another obvious item, stethoscopes are a must have for nursing students. You’ll never know how to use a stethoscope properly without regular practice.

Stethoscopes range in quality from the more advanced models to cheaper styles. The model you decide on all depends on what you prefer. As long as it works effectively, you’re set.

6. Clipboard – Clipboards come in handy when you’re taking notes during clinical rotations or demonstrations. They allow for more mobility than binders or other note-taking tools.

When you’re on the market for a new clipboard, consider spending just a little bit more for a clipboard with storage capabilities, diagnostic guides or a built-in calculator/alarm/timer. These invaluable features transform your clipboard into a portable office.

7. Notepads – If clipboards aren’t your style, you can try the next best thing – notepads. Simply slip a small sized notepad into your pocket for easy note-taking and portability.

In this technology age, many students prefer taking notes on a computer or portable device. But for some, writing the notes down helps them absorb the information better. If you’re unsure, try out each method to figure out what works best for you.

8. Penlight – A penlight is a resourceful tool for learning how to conduct physical assessments during clinicals. Most penlights feature a convenient clip for attaching to pockets, so it’s always within reach.

Many penlights also include an easy-to-see pupil gauge. Look around before you decide on the right one for you.


9. Bandage Scissors – As a nursing student, it is imperative that you own a pair of bandage scissors. This valuable tool is often used for cutting gauze, tubing, tape and other materials.

When making your decision, you can’t go wrong with a pair of stainless steel bandage scissors or EMT/utility scissors. Not only are they relatively inexpensive, but they also feature a precise edge that will cut through even the toughest materials.



10. Wrist Watch – Nursing students don’t just wear watches as a fashion statement; they wear them as a necessity. Most nurses choose an analog watch over a digital watch, as the second hand is crucial for counting the seconds during pulse readings.

We recommend choosing a watch with a long-lasting battery, a large analog display and a durable construction. A water resistant watch will also withstand frequent hand washing.

Enter nursing school with all of the above, and you’ll be off to a great start! Stock up on back to school supplies while there’s still some summertime left.

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