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14 Unique Gift Ideas for Nurses

Published 01 October 15 02:49 PM

14 Unique Gift Ideas for Nurses

Do you want to thank a favorite nurse for all that they’ve done? Or do you know a friend or family member in nursing whose birthday is fast approaching? Never fear! We’re here to help with some brilliant nursing gift ideas.

If you need inspiration, or simply don’t have the time to look for a gift, these gift items are perfect for any nurse. They’ll show your appreciation and see plenty of use as well.

Nurse Drinkware Gift Items


1. “Have A Heart” Handled Mason Jar Glass In case you haven’t already noticed, mason jars are just about EVERYWHERE. People are eating breakfast out of them, making DIY crafts with burlap and basically obsessing over this drinkware item. I’m actually drinking out of a mason jar at this very moment.

But the mason jar pictured above isn’t any old mason jar glass. You see, this mason jar was designed exclusively for nurses. With its stethoscope heart-shaped design, it’s the perfect gift for a favorite nurse. Plus, it has a nifty carrying handle for their convenience.


2. “Safety First, Drink With a Nurse” Beer Glass - Safety is always a priority. That’s why you should play it safe by giving them a gift they’re bound to love – this amusing beer glass! This glass is so much fun, nurses will want to drink just about anything in it, including their morning orange juice, chocolate milk and my personal fave – apple cider.


3. “Nurse” Coffee Bean Ceramic Mug No nurse should ever live without coffee. That’s precisely why this nurse mug was designed! Whether it’s the notorious pumpkin spice latte or a chamomile tea, nurses will enjoy drinking their favorite hot beverage out of this 11 oz. ceramic mug. And after a long work shift, they’ll appreciate its dishwasher safe design. Because, come on, nobody likes doing dishes.

4. “Registered Nurse” Wine Glass Now here’s a gift they won’t wine about! If you’re looking for a gift that says I’m an amazing gift giver, look no further! Wine enthusiasts will simply love this 10-ounce wine glass, and may even share their favorite vintage as a token of their appreciation.

Nurse Tote Bag Gifts


5.  “Nurse” Zebra Print Tote Bag Ok, picture this: your nurse friend is running through the jungle, fighting off lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) with their bare hands. Now wouldn’t a tote bag filled with books work well as a weapon?

No, but seriously, your nurse friends will go wild for this zebra print tote bag! It’s just the right size for storing all the essentials, and has a pair of sturdy handles for carrying to and from work. Best of all, they’ll look super cool with this chic zebra print bag on their arm. 


6. “This Nurse is Hungry!” Neoprene Lunch Tote If you’ve worked alongside nurses, you know that a hungry nurse is no laughing matter. Hunger can bring out the worst in anyone. Do the right thing – keep busy nurses well-nourished with yummy snacks served from this lunch tote. With its zippered closure and insulated interior, this amusing lunch bag makes a great gift for any nurse.

7. “Keep Calm I’m a Nurse” Insulated Wine Bottle Tote Last minute gift givers, do not panic! This adorable wine bottle tote is all you could hope for in a gift! Featuring a stretchable, insulated sleeve, this tote bag keeps wine at the desired temperature. Not to mention, its built-in handle offers an improved grip during transport. See? You have nothing to worry about.


8. “Nurse – Queen of the Healthcare Jungle” Animal Print Lunch BagOnce they have the “Nurse” zebra print tote bag, they obviously need this matching lunch bag to go with it! I mean, you can’t just have one. With this lunch tote, you’ll tame their wild stomach and allow them to express themselves. Plus, this fun lunch bag also comes in a leopard print for all those leopard fans out there.

9. Embroidered “Nurse” Port Authority® Large Felt Tote Bag You can always use another tote bag, especially when you’re a nurse. There’s nothing worse than having tons of medical supplies and accessories and nowhere to put them. With this polyester felt bag, finding room for tools of the trade will never be an issue. And who will they have to thank for this ample storage? That’s right, you!

Nurse Apparel Gifts


10. Women’s “Registered Nurse” Junior Fit Full-Zip Hoodie Your search for the right gift has officially ended. This full-zip hoodie says, “I’m the best friend in the entire world!” Okay, maybe not, but it’s extremely comfortable and it has two front pockets. As a bonus, you can customize this item with optional embroidery. Need we say more?


11. Ladies “Nursing is a Scream” ¾ Sleeve V-Neck TeeThis shirt practically screams nurse! Your favorite nurse doesn’t have to be an Edvard Munch fan to appreciate this witty tee. Made of comfortable ring-spun cotton material, this nurse-themed t-shirt is great for Halloween or just about any day!


12. “Nurse” Medical Cross Bella Junior Fit Hoodie On chilly autumn nights, your nurse friend will really appreciate having this extra comfy hoodie! They can throw it over scrubs on their work commute or pair it with casual wear. Add a personal touch to this soft hoodie with optional custom embroidery. What more could you ask for?

Nurse Decoration Gifts

13. “I Love Being a Nurse” Magnet What better way to declare their love for nursing than displaying this nurse magnet? Whether they place it on a fridge or a locker door, this fun magnet will look great. The only issue they’ll have is deciding where to put it.


14. “Nursing – When a Profession and a Passion Come Together” Ceramic Tile Nothing shows your appreciation quite like this sentimental ceramic tile. Made from elegant ceramic, this beautiful tile will look lovely in their garden, displayed on a desk or hanging on a wall in their home. It’s a gift all nurses are sure to love!

These are just some nursing gift ideas, but there are many more to be found. For more gift ideas for nurses or to treat yourself, take a look at our full line of nursing apparel, accessories and other gift items.

What about you? What gifts have you given to nurses? Or do you have other suggestions? Let us know! 

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