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6 Essential Tips for Long-Lasting Scrubs

Published 08 October 15 02:24 PM

6 Essential Tips for Long-Lasting Scrubs

Keeping scrubs clean and fresh is a constant struggle for medical professionals. Those pesky stains and nasty discolorations can just about drive you crazy.

Maintain a professional appearance and safely disinfect scrubs with these 6 ways to keep scrubs in good shape.

1. Pre-treat new scrubs – Before you wear your scrubs for the first time, wash them in cold water with half a cup of vinegar. This step helps extend the life of your scrubs and helps prevent fading from frequent disinfecting. As a bonus, vinegar is a natural disinfectant, so this cycle will result in even cleaner scrubs!

2. Wear your scrubs at work only – In order to keep your scrubs sanitary and safe for work, you should only wear them in the workplace. Instead of wearing your scrubs during the work commute, we recommend changing into your work wear after you’ve already arrived at your office or facility. Also, make sure you store clean scrubs in an air tight bag to protect them from germs and contagions before your work shift.

After your work shift has ended, immediately change into your regular clothes to keep that spaghetti sauce off of your scrub top. So you’re less likely to wear them outside of the workplace, keep scrubs in a locker or cubby at work. We know it’s a pain, but this careful behavior can keep your scrubs fresher and cleaner, while also preventing more wear and tear from everyday activities. 

3. Separate scrubs from other laundry – We cannot stress enough how important it is to wash scrubs and other clothes separately. That favorite print scrub top requires more disinfecting than your everyday t-shirt, so you should never mix the two when doing laundry. Since you require a fresh set of scrubs for each shift, it is highly recommended that you buy several sets of scrubs so you can wash them all at once at the end of the week.

4. Use color-safe stain remover – There’s no way around it; your scrubs are going to see plenty of stains. Protect your scrubs’ colors and effectively remove stains by using a color-safe stain remover before washing.

5. Use a hot iron – Once the scrubs are out of the dryer, we recommend using a hot iron to press your scrubs. Not only will this keep your scrubs looking neat and professional, it also helps kill any remaining germs. 

6. Avoid the dryer if possible – It’s better to line dry your scrubs than throw them in the dryer. While this isn’t always possible, line drying can prevent shrinkage and color fading over time. Though, we wouldn’t blame you if you preferred the convenience of the dryer. If you end up using the dryer instead, we recommend using the lowest possible setting to avoid shrinkage. We’re sure you’d like to keep those scrub pants at the right length. 

How do you keep your scrubs looking fresh? We’d love to hear your scrub care suggestions! 

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