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8 Tips for a Healthier Halloween

Published 20 October 15 03:08 PM

8 Tips for a Healthier Halloween

Staying healthy is difficult enough when you’re a busy medical professional, and Halloween only complicates matters further. Everywhere you look, Halloween candy, cookies and other seasonal treats are beckoning to be eaten. There’s simply no escaping the temptation.

Whether you’re trick-or-treating with your kids, attending an office Halloween party or hosting your own Halloween bash, stay in control and avoid temptation with these 8 tips for a healthy Halloween!

1. Reach for smaller treats – Ignore the alluring call of that king sized Kit Kat bar! Instead, reach for smaller Halloween treats with less than 50 calories. Grab a mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, a mini 3 Musketeers bar or a mini Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar for a low calorie, tasty snack. Beware of the fun size candy bars as they can have twice the calories of a mini bar!

2. Only buy candy you don’t like – You’ll be less likely to snack on Halloween candy if you’re not a fan of the taste. Instead of buying your favorite Crunch bars or Tootsie Roll pops, stick to your least favorite candies. I know I’ll be stocking up on coconut-filled treats!

3. Wait to buy candy – You may save money by buying Halloween candy in advance, but think of all the calories you’ll save by buying it last minute. If possible, buy your Halloween candy on the day of or a day before. When you procrastinate on buying candy, you prevent snacking and, therefore, multiple trips to the store to replenish your candy stash.

4. Work out in the morning – Go for a morning run or hit the gym Halloween morning. Starting the day off with exercise will put you in the right frame of mind for making healthy choices all day long.

5. Stick to your eating routine – Don’t skip breakfast and/or lunch to prepare for Halloween snacking. Instead, practice regular eating habits all day long to prevent overeating of treats at night. 

6. Eat dinner before trick-or-treating – Prepare a well-balanced, healthy meal before trick-or-treating or a Halloween party to help curb sweet cravings. Cook with fiber rich foods to keep the whole family full and satisfied. Also, keep a water bottle on you to keep hydrated and feel fuller.

7. Keep candy out of sight – Leaving the candy bowl, or any Halloween treats, out on the kitchen counter or coffee table will only tempt you. Avoid temptation by hiding candy in a cabinet, pantry or somewhere you rarely go.

8. Buy less candy – If you’re left with tons of leftover candy after Halloween, buy fewer bags of candy or a smaller bag. Or you can give any remaining candy to coworkers, partygoers or the last trick-or-treater. That lucky soul is sure to love you!

How about you? How do you stay healthy on Halloween? Share your advice in the comments below!

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