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18 Things to Do On Your Day Off

Published 29 October 15 01:55 PM

18 Things to Do On Your Day Off

As a busy healthcare professional, you may work odd hours. While everyone else is working on a Wednesday, you may be sitting at home, trying to find something to do.

If you’ve spent your days off wondering what to do, flipping idly through channels and staring at the ceiling, we have some suggestions you might want to check out. The next time you have a free day to yourself, try these things to make the most of your day off. We swear these are more entertaining than watching paint dry.

1. Go to a movie – You know that action movie you’ve been dying to see? Now’s your chance! Grab a huge bucket of buttered popcorn and enjoy! And, if it’s the middle of the week, you may just have the theater all to yourself. Raisinets anyone? 

2. Work out – If you’ve been putting off going to the gym, there’s no better time than your day off. Even if it’s a quick run around the neighborhood, you’ll be feeling great afterwards. If you’re having trouble sticking to a workout routine, make exercising a little bit easier with these workout tips and tricks.

3. Try a new recipe – You can finally try those hundreds of recipes you’ve been saving on Pinterest! Or you can just pin a few more and dream about making them someday. 

4. Sleep – Everybody loves taking a nap, and you’ll feel so refreshed afterwards. I mean, what’s better than curling up under your favorite blanket for a quick snooze?

5. Order pizza – Is there ever a bad time to order pizza? We think not. If your significant other or roommate hates sardines, but you’re a huge fan, you can order a giant pizza covered with them. Just save us a piece.

6. Run errands – Remember all of those errands you’ve been too busy to make? At last, you have the free time. Grocery shopping or dry-cleaning might not be fun, but you’ll feel better getting those tasks out of the way. 

7. Volunteer – Do you want to help others? If you do, then why not during your free time? You could volunteer at a soup kitchen, an animal shelter or for a cause you feel strongly about.

8. Call family – When was the last time you talked to your mom or your sister? If you can’t remember, it might be time to pick up the phone. Or you could drop in for a surprise visit! You might even get food out of the deal, which is always a plus. 

9. Clean up your resume – We’re sorry to break it to you, but wiggling your ears is no longer a required skill. It’s always a good idea to look over your resume and keep it updated, so why not now?

10. Buy yourself a gift – For no other reason than that you deserve it! You could finally purchase those bunny slippers that have been on your Amazon wish list for ages, or you could buy yourself a medical themed gift!

11. Read a legit newspaper – Simply because you can. And everyone loves the funnies.

12. Learn how to knit – You can learn by watching a bunch of Youtube videos or by reading a how-to book; whatever works best for you. Then you can make DIY Christmas gifts for everyone you know! Here’s hoping they like mug cozies.

13. Donate – Have some clothes you never wear? Donate them! If you haven’t worn that sweater in years, or if there’s still a tag on those jeans, give them away. You’ll clear some room in your closet and do a good deed!

14. Make a chalkboard mug – They’re all the rage right now, so why not make your own? Just grab a mug and get crafty!

15. Read a book – You can finally pick up that romance or memoir you’ve been meaning to read! You could read an actual book or grab your Kindle. Or if you’re not one for books, read through a favorite magazine, journal or blog.

16. Clean – Or not. There’s always tomorrow, right?

17. Binge watch Netflix – We won’t judge. Plus, once you’ve mastered knitting, you can watch TV and knit a scarf all at the same time.

18. Pamper yourself – Make the day all about you, and give yourself the luxury treatment. You can relax with a bubble bath, give yourself a facial or a mani-pedi, or even get a massage.

How do you spend your days off? Share with us in the comments below!

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