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8 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

Published 24 November 15 01:46 PM

8 Tips for Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time for giving and spending quality time with family – and also consuming large amounts of food. With so many holiday treats and dishes to choose from, it can be difficult to avoid temptation.

Thankfully, we have some helpful suggestions for staying healthy during this time of year. Keep the pounds off this holiday season with these 8 healthy holiday tips.

1. Stock up on healthy meals – In all the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, it’s hard to find time for making healthy meals. Prepare ahead of time by cooking meals that can be stored in the freezer. Then, just stick the meal in the oven or microwave for a hassle-free dinner. You’ll avoid temptation and have more time for decorating, shopping and other holiday festivities.

2. Go easy on the gravy and sauces – Nobody likes dry turkey, but if you’re watching your calories, try to pour on gravy and sauces lightly or forego them entirely. Your mashed potatoes, turkey and stuffing will be healthier when they’re not swimming in gravy. 

3. Focus on fun, not food – Instead of making food the main focus, you could participate in holiday rituals or activities. Whether it’s trimming the tree, wrapping gifts or caroling, you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll forget all about that plate of sugar cookies.

4. Eat slower – Eating slower gives you time to digest and helps you pay better attention to your fullness level. Take your time when eating holiday meals and place your fork down between bites.

5. Get moving – When cold winds are blasting, finding the motivation to exercise can be a challenge. But it’s important to schedule regular exercise during the holiday season. Working out not only prevents weight gain; it also decreases holiday stress. You could go for a brisk 10-15 minute walk, exercise indoors or find other ways to stay fit in cold weather.

6. Wear form-fitting clothes – As comfy as they may be, those sweatpants could be hurting you. Elastic waistbands may be more forgiving when consuming large meals, but tighter, form-fitting clothes serve as a reminder of your fullness and can prevent overeating.

7. Drink plenty of water – Sometimes, we think we’re hungry when we’re actually thirsty. Drinking enough water will help keep you hydrated and feeling full. Cut back on soda and other sugary beverages and keep a water bottle on hand instead.

8. Indulge in only your favorite treats – Try to be selective about what you eat and watch your portions, especially at holiday parties or dinners. Forget those store-bought cookies and indulge in only homemade, special treats to save some calories. That way, you can enjoy grandma’s apple pie with a little less guilt.

How do you stay healthy during the holiday season? We’d be happy to hear from you!

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