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5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Fired as a Healthcare Professional 21 April 16 12:06 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver
You may have been a fan of the hit TV drama Nurse Jackie , but many of the antics she carried on with at work did not make her a favorite among staff members. If you’re a healthcare professional, here are five sure fire ways to get the pink slip. Read Read More...
From Civil Servant to Classy Surgeon: The Evolution of Nurse Uniforms 12 April 16 03:02 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver
From Civil Servant to Classy Surgeon: The Evolution of Nurse Uniforms The next time you find yourself complaining about wrinkles in your fashionable Cherokee scrub top , take a quick moment to reflect on the fact that nurses’ attire wasn’t always so comfy Read More...
How to Have Less Mess: Getting Yourself Organized 04 April 16 01:54 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver
Not only does spring mark the gentle transition into warmer weather, it’s also an opportune time for healthcare professionals to get organized. Trying to tame your tote bag or pare down your pockets? These four smart spring cleaning tips will help you Read More...

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