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Is the World Ready for Pierced and Tattooed Healthcare Workers? 24 May 16 11:48 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver
Tattoos and piercings have long been only associated with bikers, sailors, and prisoners. Today, with more than three in 10 Americans rocking body art, they are gaining more social acceptance. In certain professions, however, tattoos may still be frowned Read More...
Bed Pans to Bedlam – A Day in the Life of a 19th Century Nurse 19 May 16 11:32 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver
Between sore feet, long shifts, and fussy patients, you could be feeling like you’re on the edge of a major meltdown at work. To ease your pain just a tad, let us showcase a typical day on the job for a 19 th century nurse. Lucky you – the nurse who arrives Read More...
How to have Healthy Relationships as a Healthcare Professional 13 May 16 11:50 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver
As a dedicated healthcare professional, you give your all to your patients and sometimes, you might not have anything left to give at home to your loved ones. Between a demanding career with long shifts, daily obligations, and a bustling social life, Read More...

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