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How to have Healthy Relationships as a Healthcare Professional

Published 13 May 16 11:50 AM


 As a dedicated healthcare professional, you give your all to your patients and sometimes, you might not have anything left to give at home to your loved ones. Between a demanding career with long shifts, daily obligations, and a bustling social life, your most sacred relationships can get strained in the process. Whether you’re late again for your kid’s dance recital due to last minute patient demands or totally forgot about your best friend’s birthday because of a stressful work week, you need to know that in the end, your career is not where you hang your heart.

Family and friends deserve the same commitment and attention that you give your job. Here are a couple of ways healthcare professionals can keep their relationships “healthy.”

Two Ears vs. One Mouth

You should try to listen twice as much as you speak. Listening carefully to what your loved ones have to say and being fully engaged in the conversation makes them feel, if only for the moment, like the center of your attention. Don’t interject with your opinion and practice mindfulness. Really absorb what they’re telling you without planning what your next line is going to be.

Don’t be a Flake

Nothing is more disrespectful or annoying than somebody that cancels plans at the last minute. If an unexpected emergency comes up at work and you absolutely must break an engagement, tell them immediately. Don’t leave them hanging. If you have dinner plans and you want to bail because you’re just feeling tired after a long day, force yourself to go. You’ll probably have a great time and be glad you did.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

Healthcare professionals often call this speaking in laymen’s terms when communicating with patients. Remember not everyone understands words and terminology that healthcare workers use. Take the time to thoroughly explain yourself and your side as well as to communicate your interpretation of their side. Ensure that you are both on the same page before moving forward.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Nothing is worse than stirring a slumbering canine from its sleep other than digging up old grudges. Let the past be the past and remember that the present is a gift. Do you get short with those “repeat offenders” at the hospital? No. you remain professional and calm, trying your best to improve the situation. Do the same for your loved ones.

Patience is a Virtue

As you always would with your patients, be patient with your friends and family. Never jump to conclusions without hearing them out and be understanding of their feelings. When you take your time, you both will reap the rewards.




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