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7 Tips to Keep Safe While Playing Pokemon Go

Published 18 July 16 04:19 PM


Pokemon Go is an excellent way to get outside and get some exercise. But before you head out on your adventure you should learn a few basic safety tips, pack some essentials, and don’t forget to stay comfy as you track down a Snorlax.

Don’t Wander Anywhere You Normally Wouldn’t Go


If you wouldn’t normally take your chances walking down a dark alley at 2AM, don’t do it for that rare Muk. Recently, an Oregon man got stabbed when he was playing the game late at night.

The game may rely on real-world places for Pokemon Stops and gyms, but the creatures themselves are mainly randomly generated. This means they can show up inside buildings, in backyards, and behind fences. The game has no idea whether these places are safe or even legal, so use your best judgement.

Cars, Bikes, and Pedestrians – Oh My!

It may sound obvious, but stay alert to your surroundings while playing the game. You don’t want to walk in front of a moving vehicle, drown in a giant lake, or slam into another Pokemon Go player while you’re on the lookout for your third Pidgey.

The game has a vibration function that makes your phone rumble when a Pokemon appears. If this feature is on, it’s easy to activate the app, stick it in your pocket, and wait for the vibration.

Keep an Eye on Your Possessions

Pokemon Gyms and Stops are often found in highly populated areas where tons of players can gather. It’s pretty easy for a thief to seize your purse or tote bag when you’re immersed in the game.

Always hold on to your possessions while you’re playing, and be extra mindful of how you’re carrying them. Ensure your bag is closed. It only takes a second for your items to get snatched.

Be Mindful of Predators

There have been tons of scams and shady characters using Pokemon Go to their advantage.  Anything from armed robbers luring victims to a secluded area using Pokemon Stops as bait to bogus accounts sold on eBay have been reported.

Bring Supplies

Summer is prime time for dehydration. If you plan on playing outside for a while, stock up on supplies, especially if you want to hatch an egg. Some eggs require you to walk for miles before they hatch.

Take a water bottle with you, along with plenty of snacks. The last thing you want is to be exhausted and without food or water. Playing this game is a physical activity, so treat it like one. Drink plenty of liquids, take breaks, and don’t overly exert yourself.

Be Courteous

Meeting other players is one of the most fun aspects of the game. That doesn’t mean you should throw basic manners out the window. Be courteous of others around you while playing the game. Never assume somebody else is playing Pokemon Go just because they’re on their phone. Also, don’t trash talk folks just because they’re on Team Valor or Team Mystic. And if somebody playing doesn’t want to be bothered, just leave them alone.

Stay Comfy

Comfortable shoes are critical for walking for long periods of time. Stay on your A-game by sporting comfy and supportive sneakers during your Pokemon scavenges. 

What are your tips for staying safe while enjoying the game?

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