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Get in Shape While on the Hunt for Mews

Published 27 July 16 06:18 PM

 On our last post, we provided tips on how to stay safe while on the hunt for Pokemon. Now we’re bringing you strategies on how this engaging and real-time game can trim your waistline and get you fit.

Pokemon Go is much more than just an entertaining app – it’s a great way to get exercise. From walking miles to hatch eggs to roaming around town in search of the nearest gym, Pokemon Go is getting folks up, out the door, and on their feet.

Here are four fitness tips for Pokemon Go.

1.      Get Your Steps In

Taking a stroll is one of the best things that you can do for yourself. Walking 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day can improve both your mood and body composition, in addition to lowering anxiety. And Pokemon Go has the impetus to get you going! Just be sure to wear some supportive shoes!

Your local coffee hangout or that community center down the street? Those buildings are now refueling stops (Poke Stops) where you can collect balls, eggs, points, and more on your quest to catch them all.  Walk around and hit up as many as you can find!

Taking Fido out? Take him for a longer walk today while playing the game! 

2.      Get Some Air

Are you working long shifts all day inside? On your lunch-break, charge up the app and go on a 30-minute hunt for some Pokemon. You can catch some new ones, reach a higher level, get some fresh air and stretch your legs along the way.

3.      Rep It Up

Take your Pokemon hunt to the next level by mixing it up with lunges, high kicks, and squats. Do five reps of squats every time you catch a new Pokemon. Kick it up a notch by high kicking every time you come across a new Poke Stop. Catch a Pokemon that flies? Do jumping jacks like a creature flapping its wings. The possibilities are endless!

4.      Stay Hydrated



With all of that walking, you’re going to need to stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle along with you to sip on during your quest for rare Pokemon.

Have you ever used Pokemon Go to squeeze some fitness into your day? How’d it go? 

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