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5 Great Things about Being a Single Nurse

Published 03 February 17 11:30 AM

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it can get pretty lonely seeing canoodling couples or your coworkers receiving flowers and gifts from their significant others. Everyone else is having a romantic night out on the town while you’re alone at home, with a glass of wine, Netflix, and your cat. Or worse – you may have to work the night shift all alone by your single self.

But being a single nurse comes with its own set of special perks. When you’re single, you can really take time to focus on yourself, discover new and exciting hobbies, and really relish your own independence without compromise. Here are some of our favorite things about being single.

1.       You’re in Charge of Your Own Happiness

When you’re a single nurse, you have the luxury of living life on your own term. You’re fully responsible for your own wellbeing. While it can be difficult, it can also be a blessing. Want to get an amazing new pixie haircut? Do you want to take a week off and jet set through Europe? You can!

When you’re single, you take a more proactive approach to your life and live it on your terms, not somebody else’s.


2.       You Can Focus On Your Career

Being single enables you to take on new and challenging career choices without any compromise or constraints. If you’re married, you can’t just move across town or across the country for a new job. Take this time to really focus on what you want out of a career and get to working toward your goals!


3.       You Can Buy Those Cute New Pumps – Without Anyone Else’s Permission

When you share a bank account with somebody, you can’t make frivolous purchases simply because you want to. Whether it’s that new designer handbag you’ve been longing for or a new set of wheels that you really need, you can buy it as long as you can comfortably afford it.


4.       You Can Create Your Own Routine

Outside of work hours, you can manage your time however you want. You’re not dependent on anyone else’s schedule. That gives you a lot more time to hit the gym, relax with a good book, or go out for drinks with your friends.


5.       It Means Living for Yourself

Sure, being single can get lonely sometimes, and it’s annoying to see all of the early-relationship cooing on Facebook and Instagram. But being single does have an upside. You can spend more time focusing on yourself, cultivating a strong sense of independence and self-directedness, and advance in your career. And when you do find someone special, you’ve reaped all of the benefits single life has to offer. 


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