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Deal of the Fortnight: Take Two ER Nurse Shirt Special 05 November 10 02:45 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
At under $8 each, these ER nurse shirts for men and women are priced to move. I'm not awesome at math but I can tell you that two is greater than one. That's why, this fortnight, I have two great ER nurse shirts instead of one. Each one is priced under Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Christmas Angel Doll 22 October 10 02:47 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
At nearly 60 percent off, save on this jumbo holiday decoration or toy. I adored Raggedy Ann and Andy as a kid. I had two big dolls a family member sewed for me. One year for Halloween, I decided I simply must be Raggedy Ann. I made a wig from red yarn. Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Breast Cancer Christmas Ornaments 08 October 10 02:57 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Donate to breast cancer research and get an early Christmas gift in. I'm a procrastinator through and through. When it comes to Christmas shopping, I'm the worst. This started when I was a kid. My dad waited until Dec. 23 or Christmas Eve to drag me from Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Halloween GelGems® 22 September 10 05:40 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
At a whopping 70 percent off, these won't stick around long. I've mentioned it here many, many times before: Halloween is far and away my favorite holiday. I don't like anything screwing up my routine (I'm looking at you, Fourth of July), and you don't Read More...
Deal of the Three-week Time Period: Nurse Frog T-shirts 17 September 10 03:29 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Thanks, Labor Day. Last week Labor Day happened, and this community marketer found herself buried with deadlines, writing and a to-do pile that even a case of Mountain Dew couldn't help (trust me, I tried). I picked out these nurse frog T-shirts for the Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Size Large Dickies Scrubs for Breast Cancer Awareness 23 August 10 01:42 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
For under $10, you can pick up these Dickies scrubs. Sometimes a deal is just too good to pass up, and many of the times, those deals are only in a specific size. Take this weekend, for instance. I made the impossible choice to not spend a dime at Target. Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: For Fido, With Love 05 August 10 05:00 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
These healthcare dog shirts make your pup part of the team. Full disclosure: I'm on the fence about dressed up dogs. I think they're cute, yes, but it's still sort of a little odd to me. When I see my coworker's pictures of her Boston Terrier decked out Read More...
Deals of the Fortnight: Christmas Snowmen Gifts 23 July 10 02:45 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Our Christmas in July sale wraps up Sunday! After finally pulling the pictures off of my phone for the first time ever (I've only had the phone since April ... 2009), I sifted through them and cringed when I noticed three particular photos. All were from Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Snowflake Bracelets 08 July 10 04:02 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Chill out. No, you didn't read the title wrong. Hear me out. Now, I have no idea what it's been like in your neck of the woods, but here outside of Philadelphia, the temperatures have been positively brutal the last few days. Yesterday, with its high Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Lean, Mean Cool Nursing T-shirt! 25 June 10 02:43 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Be pretty in pink. For this fortnight's deal, I wanted something pink, summery and of course, low-priced. I rounded up this cool nursing T-shirt featuring the saying "Lean, Mean Nursing Machine." It's perfect T-shirt weather right now, and the shirt's Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Discount Scrub Top 10 June 10 04:40 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
What's green and brown and blue and yellow all over? Why, that would be our deal of the fortnight, a Peaches v-neck scrub top with a fun "Spinning Tops" print . The discount scrub top is marked down to a mere $12.99 - that's a whopping 50 percent off Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Mom To Be Gifts 28 May 10 01:34 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Give erbaorganics gifts to relax moms to be. Our offices are experiencing a bit of a baby boom at the moment. It's not unusual to run into quite a few big bellies when wandering the halls, and birth announcements are a pretty frequent occurrence here. Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Urbane Clogs 10 May 10 01:53 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Add to your shoe collection with this pair for under 30 bucks. My love for shoes became shockingly apparent when I was moving over the past week. I hastily piled my over-the-door shoe rack into a huge box, and then filled in the gaps between it with more Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Serving Up a Recipe for SLPs 23 April 10 01:26 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
For speech-language pathologists who can stand the heat. Aprons are great. I'm currently painting my apartment and I've ruined clothes in the process. An apron could help with that. I'm also about the messiest person in the world when it comes to cooking. Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Angel Clock 09 April 10 09:52 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
This angel clock is 55 percent off of the original price and would make a great gift! Ten dollars just doesn't get you much these days. I've been realizing that more and more because I'm in the midst of a move. Want to have your cable and Internet at Read More...
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