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Retail Therapy May Help You Live Longer, Shopping Research Finds 12 April 11 10:09 AM postedby Lauren Meade Kamath
Retail therapy may have perks after all: It may help you live longer. A recent study found elderly adults in Taiwan who shop everyday are less likely to die over a 10-year period than those who shop once a week. Men benefit from daily shopping more than Read More...
Preparing for an Online Job Fair 26 January 11 09:54 AM postedby Lauren Meade Kamath
Today I'm deviating from talking about the latest and greatest products from our Healthcare Shop to share with you some exciting news! Today and tomorrow ADVANCE is putting on two FREE online job fairs! Online job fairs are relatively new ventures, but Read More...
A Nurses’ Cap Comeback? 04 June 10 02:48 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Would you go back to traditional nursing uniforms? A recent article in The Palm Beach Post described a big change at JFK Medical Center. To help make it easier for patients to distinguish between nurses and other employees, the facility went into throwback Read More...
Honor Your Inspiration in our Contest for National Nurses Week 10 March 10 04:12 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Participate in our National Nurses Week contest, and celebrate those who've given you a leg up in the nursing field. We're pleased as punch to announce that our National Nurses Week contest this year will honor the mentors who made a difference in the Read More...
Deal of the Fortnight: Breast Cancer Lanyards 25 February 10 02:55 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Save money and spread awareness. In my social media travels here at ADVANCE , I'm privy to the latest healthcare news thanks to the wealth of content produced by our editorial teams. Yesterday, while browsing through Facebook, I ran across a breaking Read More...
Cheer Up with Chocolate 19 January 10 11:48 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
If yesterday was the most depressing, it's all up from there, right? You probably already heard that yesterday was the most depressing day of the year, as determined by a Welsh psychologist. The reasons? It's dark, the holidays are long gone, it's cold Read More...
Our Hearts Are With Haiti 15 January 10 02:08 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Our healthcare publications cover the story and help readers volunteer and donate. I sidled up to the computer screen today to write about chocolate gifts for nurses (more on those early next week), but couldn't really get my mind wrapped around that. Read More...
Nursing Christmas Cards on Sale 04 December 09 01:45 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Now, it's personal. You know those card aisles are going to be packed. It's not easy choosing just the right holiday cards for the people you work with. You don't want to come off dripping with sweetness, too blasé or over the top. Sending just the right Read More...
U.K. Nurses Unsure on H1N1 Vaccination 18 August 09 12:55 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Survey says ... some nurses are hesitant. Nurses can be at the head of the line when it comes to the vaccine for H1N1 influenza, commonly called swine flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). However, nurses in the United Kingdom, at least, Read More...
AMA May Look to Short-Sleeved Lab Coats to Help Curb Infections 12 August 09 03:37 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
If you don a lab coat daily, would you take issue with having to go the short-sleeves route? Do you dare to go bare ... from the elbow down? If the American Medical Association (AMA) encourages dress codes that prohibit long sleeves, you may have to. Read More...
How Far Is Too Far? 10 August 09 03:41 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Nurse Who Names Herself "Nurse of the Year" Isn't It's fun to play pretend every now and then. Costume peddlers around Halloween capitalize on just that, and sometimes it's fun to imagine the "what ifs" of life and let yourself slip away from the realities Read More...

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