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Products, Style & Advice for the Modern Healthcare Professional

5 Things Healthcare Professionals Should Consider When Choosing Scrubs 21 March 16 03:51 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver
For many professionals in the healthcare industry, wearing scrubs as a work uniform is a way of life. In fact, a scrub set that includes a loose-fitting top and pants is the standard attire for healthcare workers in the U.S. and several other countries. Read More...
Koi New Arrivals 31 July 14 04:43 PM postedby Lindsey Bream
When looking to update your workwear wardrobe, turn to the brand that is fun and fashionable yet still provides functionality. Koi medical uniforms are fearlessly feminine; offering scrubs accented with ruffles, novelty buttons, lace, and other unique Read More...
Fall Print Scrub Tops 13 August 12 10:26 AM postedby ADVANCE
It’s hard to imagine, but summer is drawing to a close. In just a few short weeks, schools will be back in session, football games will dominate many TVs, and the air will start to grow a little cooler. And as seasons change, so do fashions – even for Read More...
Tunic Scrub Tops: Flattering Style 30 July 10 03:05 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Go long. I'm a tunic fiend. I love tunic-length tops, and I don't particularly mind that they might not be the best choice for my frame. Tunic tops are long enough to cover everything up and keep me comfy and they're usually pretty roomy so I can move Read More...
Introducing All New Koi Scrubs 21 May 10 12:26 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Pretty prints, little details and vivid colors make up the new collections. Our customers love Koi scrubs. The well-made pieces coordinate well and the cuts are flattering to figures. The newest additions to the Koi scrubs at ADVANCE feature some bright Read More...
New Scrubs Line: Healing Hands Scrubs 30 April 10 12:49 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
The soft fabric makes these unique scrubs a hit. Scratchy is not an option in my wardrobe. I have a Michael Jordan T-shirt that my grandfather scored at McDonald's in the ‘80s. It's threadbare, slightly holey and the softest, most amazing shirt ever. Read More...
Flip for Our New Healthcare Catalog 25 January 10 09:19 AM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Find it online or in your mailbox. I love that new catalog smell. Ever since I was a little girl poring over the Sears Wishbook and J.C. Penney trillion-page catalog, I can't get enough of flipping through those pages. So much of my life is spent online, Read More...
Hooray for New Medical Scrubs! 18 December 09 04:17 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
And yay for grazing! Someone just walked by my desk and declared "I'm not eating for a week." I'm pretty sure that sums up the sentiment here in the ADVANCE offices today. We feasted on pierogies, meatballs, lots and lots of cookies, hot cider, hoagie Read More...
New Landau Scrubs! 14 October 09 04:11 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
I'm loving the colors of these scrub tops. I have my own color. A few of my friends lovingly refer to it as "Lynn Blue." I painted the walls in my office that color. I have a set of luggage in that color. My cat carrier is that color, and I even buy things Read More...
Pockets as Protectors 03 August 09 02:06 PM postedby Lynn Jusinski
Introducing our new line of IguanaMed scrubs! I have two of everything important, sans iPhone (that would be a bit of a costly duplicate) and including cats. My friends laugh as I pull out my wallet with two of the exact same debit cards, and I own two Read More...

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