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When in White – A History of the Lab Coat 12 August 16 03:16 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver
For more than a century, the white lab coat has served as a pre-eminent symbol of physicians. A child’s earliest memory of a doctor’s visit is being treated by somebody donning a white coat. At almost every med school, the first emblematic act is the Read More...
5 Tips for Buying Scrubs for Students 27 June 16 01:49 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver
Just because summer is in full swing doesn’t mean it’s too early to be thinking about scrubs if you’re heading to nursing school or med school in the fall. But with all of the extra costs that come with going to college – think books, tuition, and board Read More...
Uniformity in Nursing: Making the Transition to Uniforms Easier 29 March 16 01:40 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver
Uniformity in Nursing: Making the Transition to Uniforms Easier In recent times, there has been a nationwide movement in the healthcare industry to have hospital nurses wear a uniform scrub type and color that is unique to their facility to make them Read More...
5 Things Healthcare Professionals Should Consider When Choosing Scrubs 21 March 16 03:51 PM postedby Stephanie Weaver
For many professionals in the healthcare industry, wearing scrubs as a work uniform is a way of life. In fact, a scrub set that includes a loose-fitting top and pants is the standard attire for healthcare workers in the U.S. and several other countries. Read More...
Seven Spring Essentials for Nurses 14 March 16 10:26 AM postedby Stephanie Weaver
Now that temperatures are rising and spring is right around the corner, nurses should be loading up on necessities for the new season. From fashionable floral print scrubs and versatile tees to sporty sneakers and beach towels fit for vacation days, here Read More...

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