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Essential Summer Scrub Tops for Healthcare Professionals 30 July 15 11:12 AM postedby Courtney Feairheller

It’s a Scrub Kind of Summer!

It’s easy to forget that it’s summer when you’re stuck inside all day at the office, facility or wherever you work. Luckily, ADVANCE has a way to bring summer to your workplace. No, we’re sorry, it’s not ice cream. But we can give you the next best thing - summer scrub tops!

Yes, we know there are so many summer scrub tops out there to choose from. So, to make it easier for you, we’ve selected three of our favorite scrub tops that absolutely scream summer! These colorful prints are sure to brighten up your ensemble and your mood!

Our first selection, the White Cross “Cherry Bouquet” V-Neck Scrub Top, pairs fashion and functionality! Made from a fusion of brushed cotton and polyester, this scrub top showcases a beautiful floral pattern. Two patch pockets and side slits complete this lovely design.

The Grey’s Anatomy™ by Barco “Karma” Scrub Top is our next hot item of the summer. Designed with a cotton/rayon blend, this summer scrub top features short raglan sleeves and an elastic shirred neck with button detail. Two pockets offer storage for the everyday essentials, making this top perfect for the modern healthcare professional. 

Last but certainly not least, the White Cross “Tye Dye Royalty” Scoop Neck Scrub Top is a real trendsetter. Styled with a vibrant tie-dye pattern and scoop neck, this summer scrub top adds some flair to your everyday wear.

All of these summer scrub tops offer a professional appearance at no cost to your comfort. No matter what summer scrub top you end up choosing, you’re sure to stand out!

Still looking for summer scrub tops or plain scrub tops instead? Check out our solid scrub tops and print scrub tops to find the right fit for you!

10 Healthy Snacks for Busy Healthcare Professionals 28 July 15 10:10 AM postedby Courtney Feairheller

10 Healthy Snacks for Busy Healthcare Professionals

In a high-stress work environment, your health can sometimes fall to the wayside. Hours may go by before you realize that growling you hear is your empty stomach. And with no time to lose, health snack ideas may seem unappealing when compared to the candy bar in your purse.

No matter how hectic your schedule may be, it’s important that you take care of yourself, especially when it comes to your diet. You may care for the needs of multiple patients, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your own health.

Despite what you may think, eating healthy doesn’t have to be a hassle. There are many convenient, portable snacks that do not come from a vending machine. Here are some of our favorite healthy snacks for the hardworking healthcare professional.

1. Bananas – This may seem like an obvious choice, but we can’t stress enough the benefits of eating bananas. Not only are bananas rich in potassium, but they are also filling, meaning they’re an ideal snack for those long hour shifts.

2. Nuts and seeds – A great source of protein and healthy fats, nuts and seeds are another nutritious option for the healthcare professional. Spread some nut butter on bread for a quick sandwich, or mix nuts and seeds with whole grain cereal or dried fruit for a homemade trail mix.

3. Granola Bars or Fruit & Nut Bars – Not all snack bars are created equal. When making your selection, steer clear of any granola bars or fruit & nut bars that are loaded with sugar. Instead, you’ll want to stick with a more natural bar that may contain ingredients like almonds, dates, cashews, cranberries and so on. If unsure, brands like LaraBar and KIND are your best bet and are an excellent source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

4. Yogurt – Yogurt brings so much to the table! When you’re picking a yogurt, keep an eye out for the National Yogurt Association’s “Live & Active Cultures” seal. If you see this seal on your yogurt container, it means your yogurt contains beneficial organisms that help regulate your digestion and prevent intestinal infections. With yogurt, you’ll also get a whopping dose of calcium, B vitamins, potassium, magnesium and more.

5. Hummus and Veggies – Hummus offers the ultimate combo of protein and healthy fats. Chickpeas are packed with fiber, iron and many B vitamins. Make a homemade batch of hummus early in the week, or buy it ahead of time at your store, and include fresh veggies for dipping.

6. String Cheese – String cheese makes for a convenient snack when you’re on the go. Just throw one in your lunch bag on your way out the door. Choose a lighter string cheese made of part-skim mozzarella for a snack that’s lower in calories but high in protein.

7. Cereal – For a crunchy snack that’s packed with nutrients, fill a snack bag with a serving of cereal. Avoid cereals that are high in sugar and stick to the healthier options: MultiGrain Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Kashi GoLean, etc.

8. Edamame – “Edamame” is just a fancy way of saying unripened green soybeans. This tasty snack is full of essential fatty acids, dietary fiber and numerous vitamins. Prepare edamame anyway you like, whether you wish to steam, boil or roast these soybeans.

9. Sweet Potatoes – Sweet potatoes are sure to satisfy your hunger, as they are packed with fiber and nutrients. These can be cooked in the microwave or baked at home and reheated later.

10. Hard-Boiled Egg – Hard-boiled eggs are a natural source of protein and essential vitamins and minerals. If you want to cut back on calories, scoop out the yolk and eat only the egg white. Prepare them yourself or buy them from the store ready-made. 

If you’re concerned about your health, add some or all of these snacks to your diet. To avoid temptation, pack healthier snacks ahead of time and eat every few hours. Store your healthy snacks in an insulated lunch bag or cooler for easy access and to keep food fresh throughout your work shift.

Also, make sure you drink plenty of water throughout your workday. Not only is water a necessity, but drinking water can curb cravings by making you feel full faster. Stay hydrated by keeping a water bottle within reach. Place the water bottle at eye level for a visual reminder to drink often.

Keep all of these healthy snacks in mind the next time you go grocery shopping. Your stomach will thank you in the long run! 

How to Make a Rubber Glove Christmas Tree 23 July 15 11:53 AM postedby Courtney Feairheller

 May Your Summer be Merry & Bright!

Yes, we know it’s not Christmas quite yet, but we thought we’d spread some Christmas cheer anyway with our Christmas in July Weekend Sale! From July 24th through July 26th 11:59pm ET, all of our Christmas apparel is 50% off, including clearance styles!

On top of that, we’re continuing our Christmas in July 2015 sale on all holiday items! Through 7/31/15 11:59pm ET, buy one holiday item, get the second one 25% off. Search through our holiday ornaments, Christmas cards and more. What better way to shop ahead of time than with these low prices?

To show our holiday spirit, we’re sharing a fun alternative to the traditional Christmas tree – a rubber glove Christmas tree! Follow these rubber glove Christmas tree instructions and bring Christmas to your home, office or facility. 


How to Make a Rubber Glove Christmas Tree:

  1. Pick out a quality glove (latex will work better than vinyl for creating a larger shaped balloon).
  2. Blow the gloves up and tie off the ends like balloons.
  3. Create a base for the tree to stand on. You can attach a cardboard tube, making sure it’s facing upwards, to a cardboard box to make a base. Wrap the cardboard box in holiday paper if you’re feeling especially festive.
  4. Build the tree by taping the inflated gloves to the bottom of the cardboard tube and work your way up.
  5. After reaching the top, fill in any empty spaces with tissue paper or printer paper by crumpling it up and sticking it in the gaps.
  6. Decorate your tree with garland, lights or whatever you want to!

Now you have a rubber glove Christmas tree just waiting to spruce up your office! This holiday tree is sure to make any nurse or healthcare professional feel joyful and triumphant no matter what time of year it is!

For more Christmas in July ideas, take a look at our all holiday items. Also, don’t miss a chance to find Christmas apparel on sale. Christmas in July comes but once a year, so don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Top 5 Nursing Myths Debunked 20 July 15 03:46 PM postedby Courtney Feairheller

Top 5 Nursing Myths Debunked

Every nurse is going to come up against nursing stereotypes at least once in their life. Maybe your friends believe you’re a doctor’s errand runner or that becoming a nurse is a cakewalk. Some of them may watch Grey’s Anatomy or Scrubs and think that these shows make them a nursing expert. If only they knew the truth.

It’s past time to set the record straight. That’s why we’re putting some of the most common nursing myths to rest.

Nursing Myth #1: Nurses are doctors’ little helpers

Some people believe that a nurse is essentially a doctor’s assistant, but this is not the case at all. Nurses may update doctors on a patient’s status, but that does not mean they actually work for doctors. Nurses and doctors will interact, but a nurse’s primary role is assisting their patients and taking care of their needs rather than a doctor’s.

Nursing Myth #2: Nursing is a woman’s job

On the contrary, nurses can be female or male.  While the majority of nurses are female, the number of male nurses is rising as stereotypes against male nurses slowly dissolve. Male nurses are just as capable as female nurses, and gender should have no significant role in the nursing profession.

Nursing Myth #3: Anyone can be a nurse

False! Becoming a nurse requires an educational background and extensive medical training. To succeed as a nurse, you need to possess critical thinking skills and vast reservoirs of patience. Nurses are responsible for the well-being of multiple patients, and their position should never be taken lightly.

Nursing Myth #4: Nurses aspire to be doctors

A common misconception, nurses are not doctors who didn’t make the cut. Nurses join the profession because they want to work closely with their patients and provide invaluable services to those same individuals. They accept the responsibilities of nursing because they are passionate about their career.

Nursing Myth #5: All nurses are the same

Nothing could be further from the truth. Not all nurses receive the same training, work towards the same career goals or have the same duties. For example, there is a significant difference between a pediatric nurse and an emergency nurse. Pediatric nurses deal with the care of children while emergency nurses treat patients that arrive in the emergency room. A nurse’s expertise depends on the career path they have chosen.

Unfortunately, we’re just scratching the surface with these 5 nursing myths. There are countless more that we did not address in this post.

Hopefully, with time, some or all of these nursing misconceptions will disappear. Until that day, keep in mind why you became a nurse in the first place and remember that all of your work is appreciated.

Are nursing stereotypes getting you down? Treat yourself with one of these popular nursing mugs!
ADVANCE Healthcare Shop: Christmas in July 2015 Sale 16 July 15 08:38 AM postedby Courtney Feairheller


Tis the Season to be Saving! 

We’re keeping the Christmas spirit alive all year long with our Christmas in July 2015 sale! Through 7/31/15 11:59pm ET, all holiday items, including clearance, are buy 1, get one 25% off. Stock up on holiday ornaments, Christmas scrub tops, greeting cards and more. It’s never too early to get started on your Christmas list!

In celebration of our Christmas in July promotion, we’re sharing a sweet recipe for a favorite holiday treat – sugar cookies!  What could be better than snacking on a few of these during those long hour shifts?


Decorate these Christmas cookies however you like, whether you want snowman, Santa or nurse themed cookies! It’s completely up to you! No matter what, they’re sure to be tasty.

We’re hoping these festive cookies bring some early Christmas cheer to your home, office or facility! Be sure to check out our collection of Christmas items for more Christmas in July ideas. And don’t forget to get a head start on your holiday shopping before our Christmas in July 2015 sale ends!

ADVANCE Healthcare Shop: Dansko, Sanita, Grey's Anatomy Shoe Sale 14 July 15 10:33 AM postedby Courtney Feairheller

Put Yourself in Our Shoes

With a hectic work schedule, it can be hard to find time for shoe shopping. That’s why ADVANCE Healthcare Shop is making your life just a little bit easier with our online sale on Dansko, Sanita and Grey’s Anatomy shoes. Throughout the week of July 13th, enjoy free ground shipping to any of the 48 contiguous United States for any of these brand name shoes. This shoe sale is site wide so go crazy!

With so many Dansko, Sanita and Grey’s Anatomy shoes to choose from, we know it can be tough to narrow it down. Don’t worry; we’re here to help. True, you can never have too many shoes, but you need the right fit for you. So, sit down, put your feet up and let’s go shoe shopping!

Step Into a Pair of Dansko’s

If comfort is your middle name, you’ll want to check out a pair of Dansko shoes. Created with your sanity in mind, Dansko shoes are made with breathable footbeds, anti-skid treads, antimicrobial lining and a design that molds to your foot’s natural shape. Dansko’s endless selection of medical shoes and clogs features a variety of flattering styles and bold colors, including their fashionable Professional clog line.

The million dollar question: which pair should you choose? It all depends on your style and department dress code.


When you want to stand out in a crowd, the Dansko Professional Rainstorm patent leather clog is just what you need.

If you’re going for a more traditional look, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Dansko Professional black patent leather clogs. From the Dansko ProXP grey striped patent leather clog to the Dansko Professional rainbow patent leather clog, Dansko has something for everyone.

Try Sanita Shoes on for Size

If you’ve browsed our Dansko catalog and you’re just not feeling it, Sanita shoes are your next best bet. Never underestimate a pair of Sanita nursing shoes, as they provide matchless comfort, enchanting styles and a professional appearance. Suitable for nurses and healthcare professionals, this anatomically shaped footwear includes skid-resistant outsoles and padded insteps for exceptional foot support.

Now it just comes down to which pair of Sanita shoes are best suited to your tastes. 

For a splash of color, the Koi by Sanita Professional Valerie clog and the Sanita Professional Hendrix clog are just the ticket. 

On the other hand, or should we say foot, the Sanita Sangria Nikolette clog is a more conservative option. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, take a look at the Sanita Professional Beatnik multi-color patent leather clog.

If Grey’s Anatomy Fits, Wear It

Last but not least, Grey’s Anatomy medical shoes are a shoe-in. Always a reliable brand, Grey’s Anatomy offers more conventional shoes than Sanita or Dansko. Perfect for hardworking healthcare professionals, Grey’s Anatomy shoes are both charming and practical. These slip-on shoes feature flexible outsoles with slip-resistant rubber inserts, padded insteps and cushy footbeds.

Need help deciding on a Grey’s Anatomy shoe? If you’re looking for a high-quality shoe with extraordinary support, you should consider the Grey’s Anatomy Meredith black box shoe

For a more flamboyant design, Grey’s Anatomy Meredith black metallic rose embossed shoe is also available. And you can’t forget the Grey’s Anatomy Meredith blue floral patent leather shoe.

Whatever you decide on, we know you’ll love taking a walk in these shoes. Take advantage of this shoe sale before it’s too late!

Check out our full selection of medical shoes and clogs for an unbeatable fit! 

ADVANCE Healthcare Shop Joins National Free Shipping Day 17 December 14 10:17 AM postedby Caitlin Baxter

Last minute shoppers rejoice!

We at ADVANCE Healthcare Shop understand how busy and stressful life can be, with unending errands; you may not have finished that Christmas list. That’s why we’re joining National Free Shipping Day! Tomorrow, Thursday, December 18 we’ll be offering free shipping site-wide no matter the order amount. That’s right! Need an ornament for a co-worker or a tote for a friend? Whatever the item, if it’s in stock we guarantee we’ll have it to you by Christmas Eve.  This is the first time ADVANCE has ever participated in a promotion like this and we’re hoping to spread the holiday cheer. Shop tomorrow until 11:59pm ET to cash in on the savings!

2014 Holiday Gift Guide for Healthcare Professionals 08 December 14 11:32 AM postedby Caitlin Baxter

Still trying to decide what to get the healthcare professional in your life? Don't stress! ADVANCE has you covered, from stocking stuffers to apparel. We've got the healthcare professional gifts that will sure to make everyone smile.  Shop by price to help narrow your results.



Gifts $5 and under


Scrub-Shaped Collapsible Water Bottle
Item # 31267




Fairy Nurse Car Window Decal
Item # 17779



Gifts $10 and under



“Nurse” Plaid Print Tote Bag
Item # 31441




 SLP Insulated Hot/Cold Lunch Tote               
Item # 26270



Gifts $15 and under 



Lab Beaker Mug
Item # 02849


 “Life is for Living-OT” Insulated Wine Bottle Tote
Item # 27659



 Gifts $20 and under




Ladies Radiologic Technologist Tee
Item# 26239



Port & Company Fleece Blanket with Straps 
Item # 27642

Holiday Ornaments for All Medical Professionals 03 December 14 08:44 AM postedby Caitlin Baxter

Want to give a gift that will be truly memorable? Holiday ornaments are the perfect answer! They’re affordable gifts that will be enjoyed by the recipient year after year. ADVANCE Healthcare Shop has the best healthcare ornaments for all the medical professionals in your life.  Some are even customizable for the low cost of only $1 per line.

Healthcare Ornaments for All
These ornaments will appeal to all healthcare professionals. They celebrate the season and your work.

Happy Holidays 2014 Solid Scrub Top Porcelain Ornament
Item # 31879



Happy Healthy Holidays Medical Cross Porcelain Ornament
Item #16959



 Peppermint Caduceus Porcelain Ornament
Item # 16941



Healthcare Ornaments to Customize
Looking for something extra special, you can add a name, title, or the year to any ornament.

Customizable “OT Wreath” Porcelain Ornament
Item # 28895


Customizable “Nurse Cardinal” Porcelain Ornament
Item# 28766


“Physician Assistant” Porcelain Ornament
Item # 31875




Shoes for Medical Professionals 12 November 14 09:33 AM postedby Caitlin Baxter

Shoes may at times seem like an accessory, but for any healthcare professional they know the importance of a supportive and comfortable shoe. Working on your feet, for long shifts can create tension and pressure directly on your feet and that pain can radiate up your back.  An easy way to prevent pain and discomfort is to wear the proper shoes. ADVANCE offers the top brands for medical professionals including: Dankso, Alegria, Sanita, Grey’s Anatomy, and Klogs. These shoes are not only comfortable, they’re also stylish.

Alegria™ by PG Lite “Paloma” Mary Jane Clog
Item #12319

This is definitely not the same plain Mary Jane. Sensational solids or red hot patterns are sure to catch their eyes, while the stain-proof leather upper, rocker outsole, and anatomically-correct footbed add superlative support and comfort.


Dankso “Professional” Tooled Leather Clog
Item #10229

All of the features of Dansko’s bestselling “Professional” clog now with a decorative tooled leather upper. Setting new standards in comfort and stability, the “Professional” molds to the natural contours of your foot, making it easier to remain on your feet for long periods of time.




Sanita® “Professional Hendrix” Clog
Item #29310

Jimi Hendrix revolutionized guitar playing. Sanita took footwear to the next level. So it’s fitting that they named their newest creation in honor of the guitar great! Awash in a multi-color psychedelic pattern patent leather upper, this clog blends exceptional comfort with versatility.





Klogs® Women’s “Naples” Multi-Crayon Leather Shoe
Item #31292

Here’s proof that a healthcare shoe can be sophisticated! From Klogs® comes this variation of their popular Naples shoe is awash in a pleasing crayon-inspired pattern.  



Medical Outerwear for Winter 2014 07 November 14 01:30 PM postedby Caitlin Baxter

It’s that time of year once again; the leaves have changed colors and fallen from the trees. At home you’re turning up the thermostat and making hot tea.  Trust ADVANCE this winter, to provide the most stylish, comfortable medical outwear. Our jackets and sweatshirts are selected specifically for healthcare professionals and will help keep you cozy during a long shift or while relaxing at home.


Nurses- Heart of Healthcare Port Authority® Women’s Fleece Jacket
Item #27423

Made from polyester fleece, this jacket has two front zip pockets, interior pockets, a twill-taped neck, and long sleeves with open cuffs. Additional outstanding features include bungee zipper pulls and an open hem with a cinching, draft-busting draw cord.


Unisex Occupational Therapy Crewneck Sweatshirt
Item #29990

A preshrunk, pill-resistant blend of cotton and polyester gives this sweatshirt a look and feel that’s made for chilly conditions. Double-stitched for extra durability, it features a ribbed collar and cuffs, and our “Occupational Therapy” logo on the sleeve. 


Women’s Physical Therapy- No limits Bella Junior Fit Hoodie
Item # 25208

Comfortable and hip, this fleece hoodie features raglan sleeves, a drawstring hood, and ribbed cuffs and waistband. A much more form-fitting design adds feminine detailing.




Port Authority® Men’s Soft Fleece Jacket
Item #26351

Made from polyester fleece, this men’s jacket has two front zip pockets, interior pockets, a twill-taped neck, and long sleeves with open cuffs. Add optional custom embroidery to identify yourself, celebrate your profession, or commemorate a special occasion.




Eye-Catching Colors 13 August 14 05:04 PM postedby Lindsey Bream

 Be Bold

Just because summer is coming to a close, doesn’t mean you have to pack up the bright colors in your wardrobe. Take a look around you, bold and bright colors are still very much in fashion. On the beach, out on the town, and even in the workplace, these eye-catching hues are in high demand.

Scrubs aren’t the only thing you’ll find in bright shades like pink and yellow. Many brand name manufacturers also offer medical equipment, accessories and other professional items that are available in exciting colors. Continue reading to check out some of the totally trendsetting items available from ADVANCE.


Koi Women’s Naomi Scrub Top

This scrub top is both stylish and high quality. Made from soft, breathable cotton, the banded, round neckline features a split accent that offers a fashionable and chic appearance. The front and back seams add shape, flattering any figure. The pockets and movement increasing side slits keep this must-have functional.

Item #29889


Ladies “Nursing Assistants Make a Difference” Tee

This tee is a must-have for every nursing assistant. The high-quality construction allows for a roomy, comfortable fit, while the double-needle stitching makes it more durable than the average tee. Our “Nursing Assistants Make a Difference” logo is an ADVANCE exclusive, so you won’t find it anywhere else. Makes a great gift!

Item #30707


Colored Temple Eyewear

Eye protection doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Add a pop of color to your workwear with these affordable glasses. The colored temple adds just the right amount of pizazz while the ani-fog, anti-static and anti-scratch lenses provide the protection you need.

Item #00594


"OT Rocks-Occupational Therapy” Tote

Show off your passion and pride for your profession with this strong and stylish tote bag. Showcasing our exclusive “OT Rocks” design, this spacious and durable bag makes for a great gift for any occupational therapist. Whether for carrying work essentials or for off-duty errands, this popular item is a must-have.


Item #25675

Koi New Arrivals 31 July 14 04:43 PM postedby Lindsey Bream

When looking to update your workwear wardrobe, turn to the brand that is fun and fashionable yet still provides functionality. Koi medical uniforms are fearlessly feminine; offering scrubs accented with ruffles, novelty buttons, lace, and other unique touches. Workwear doesn’t have to be bland. Branch out and stand out with one-of-a kind prints and patterns. Outfitted in your stylish Koi scrubs, you will be more than ready to take on the daily demands presented to you every day.


Koi Women’s Bella “Ashbury” Scrub Top

Item #31179

Let’s start things off with this gorgeous top that features a unique floral print. Along the placket, sleeves and hem is an alternate print that coordinates in color while adding a little something extra. Completing the look are roomy pockets, mismatched novelty buttons on the front and elasticized accents on the neck and back that provide a more fitted shape.


Koi Sapphire Women’s Sherri Four-Way Stretch Mock-Wrap Scrub Top

Item #31174

Part of Koi’s Sapphire Collection, the modern top is super sleek, ultra chic, and definitively dynamic. The Sherri features a modern mock wrap fit that is a favorite on the scrubwear scene. The streamlined fit is accented by riveted metal details and a metal buckle at the waist. Copiously-sized pockets, superb wrinkle resistance and the four-way stretch fabric make this short-sleeve top a must have!


Koi Women’s Bella “Essence” Scrub Top

Item #31180

Made from silky and soft cotton sateen, this Bella scrub top really stands apart from the rest. The elastic neck and back provide a fitted shape that you will be comfortable sporting all shift long. The beautiful floral design is perfectly paired with a contrasting print trim along the front placket, hem and sleeves. The deep patch pockets ensure that this style-strong scrub top is also extremely functional.


Looking for more fashionable finds? Check out our entire Koi selection here! >>

ADVANCE Healthcare Shop: Radiance Lab Coats 24 July 14 05:00 PM postedby Lindsey Bream
When shopping for lab coats, choose the brand that showcases a professional and fashionable appearance. Radiance offers high-quality jackets and lab coats that are key essentials for any healthcare professional. Designed with utility and maximum comfort in mind, they pair contemporary styles with fantastic fabrics.

So for a casual, but refined look for any healthcare/medical workplace setting, choose Radiance lab coats from ADVANCE!

Radiance Women's Lab Coat

One of our many exceptional lab coats from the Radiance line, this figure-enhancing style features princess seams, generously-sized pockets and slits that allow for easy pant pocket access. This piece is a must-have for any woman working in a healthcare setting who's looking for something that's stylish yet practical.


Radiance Men's Lab Coat

This 100% cotton lab coat is a necessity for the modern healthcare professional. Featuring multiple pockets, side slashes to allow for easy pant pocket access, and a back vent, this piece is truly designed to offer an extraordinary level of utility. The cloth knit buttons give this men's coat a classic look.


Radiance Unisex Lab Coat

With a comfortable length and classic fit, this unisex coat is a great choice for everyone. Hand slits, a back slit for movement and multiple exterior and interior pockets all add a full dose of functionality to this healthcare favorite. The button-front closure and standard cut provide a style and look that makes this piece extremely versatile.   

To shop our entire line of Radiance lab coats, visit

ADVANCE Healthcare Shop: Exclusive Designs 18 July 14 10:23 AM postedby Lindsey Bream

Whether you’re a nurse, an occupational therapist, a lab technician or anything else in the medical field, proudly show off your passion for your profession with ADVANCE exclusives. Our artists create one-of-a-kind pieces that are special and unique to each field.

You won’t find these designs anywhere else. So whether you’re looking for a gift for a coworker, or just something to spoil yourself, shop ADVANCE !

“Sometimes it’s Ok to Wine a Little” Insulated Wine Bottle Tote

How do you like to unwind at the end of a long shift? If you’re looking for a gift for a coworker or just something to spoil yourself with, this insulated bottle tote is a great way to honor any wine connoisseur. The exclusive design features the line “Sometimes it’s Ok to Wine a Little” along with coordinating medical crosses. Definitely a necessity for girls’ night out

“Born to be a Nurse Practitioner” Mug

Looking for the perfect gift for Nurse Practitioner Week? This 15-ounce ceramic mug makes a great gift for any nurse practitioner. If for a staff gift, the mug could be filled with candies, coffee packets, gift cards, and so on. Our exclusive “Born to Be” design is featured on both sides, so even by itself, this mug is pretty spectacular.

“Nursing is My Profession” Tee

“Scrubs are My Dude, Hope is in My Blood, Caring is My Obsession, Nursing is My Profession.” This cheery logo accurately sums up the essential elements of nursing. Proudly promote your passion for your profession with this fashion tee that features a flattering feminine fit. Whether you’re meeting friends for lunch, running errands or just relaxing at home, this tee is a must-have for your wardrobe!


“Speech Language Pathology-Find Your Voice” Coasters

Presented in an organza bag, this unique coaster set makes a great gift for any speech-language pathologist. Planning an office party or get-together with coworkers? Stock up on these coasters that not only prevent surface damage, but are also just plain cute! You’ll be the hostess with the mostess.


For more exclusive designs, scrubs, lab coats and more, start shopping today at

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