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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Johnny Appleseed and Apple Prints

Published September 23, 2011 7:59 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling

This week instead of a recipe, I would like to share a fun lesson that expands on the apple theme from last week's recipe post. This is a lesson I created and implemented with my occupational therapist colleague and is an imaginative mix of communication and sensory-enriched activities!

The Story of Johnny Appleseed

The lesson began with a simple 6-picture story of Johnny Appleseed (it's a story I have had for several years now). We read the story two times. The first time, I simply read through it and showed the corresponding picture.

The second time, I chose one key word paired with a sign/gesture from each picture and had the children take turns saying that word into a microphone to help them learn the story sequence, comprehend the character's actions and practice using their words.

For example:

  1. Johnny planted "SEEDS."
  2. Johnny "WATERED" the seeds.
  3. Tall "TREES" grew.
  4. "APPLES" grew on the trees.
  5. Johnny "PICKED" the apples.
  6. Johnny "EATS" the apples.

Over the next two weeks, each child will put together their own 6-piece story of Johnny Appleseed. They will need to color and sequence the pictures and then retell the story.

The long term goal is that they will be able to retell the story to the best of their ability for their classmates and parents.

Apple Prints

After reading and talking about the story, we moved from our "story circle" over to the table for some hands-on messy fun!

We used three different apples -- red, green and yellow. We named each color and then matched the apples to the corresponding paint color.

Next, we cut the apples open and talked about the seeds inside, referring back to our main character, Johnny Appleseed, and the seeds he planted in the ground that grew into tall apple trees!

Next we dipped the apples into the paint to make apple prints on the paper. Everyone had a turn using each paint/apple color and the students needed to "use your words" to ask for the colors they needed/wanted next.

In addition, a note was sent home on apple stationary to let the parents know about their child's therapy session and theme for the next few weeks. We also asked parents to send in extra apples if they were able! Here is a link for additional apple crafts if you are interested!


So glad you found this idea useful! Thanks for writing in!

stephanie dowling, blog author September 24, 2011 9:51 PM

What a great idea for fall. I think I could adapt this for my EI kids. Maybe use big and small apples, green and red apple for categorizing. Great idea!

Chana, EI - SLP, Home September 23, 2011 9:05 AM
New York NY

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