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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Homemade Apple Art and Apple Juice!

Published September 30, 2011 7:40 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling

This week as part of our speech-language lessons, we are continuing the theme of apples along with the story of Johnny Appleseed. The story has really been a hit with the children! It is only six pages long, but in each segment there is a new action. The students are learning how to identify the actions, describe the pictures and sequence all six from beginning to end. See last week's post for the story breakdown.  

Homemade Apple Art

In addition to reading the story, we also made one of Johnny Appleseed's apples!

Here is the picture of what I made as an example to show the children: 


We talked about the two colors I used, green and red and where "Ms. Steph" put each color. The green foam goes on the leaf and stem and the red paper goes on the apple. Then we practiced our yes/no questions. Does the red go here? (I pointed to the stem) NO! etc.

Overall, it was a very successful activity. Having the picture model was helpful for the students to follow and they were able to make their own confidently and independently!

Homemade Apple Juice

Next on our apple agenda for next week is making our own apple juice!

I sent home a letter letting the parents know of our apple plans for next week and asked that they send in a green, yellow or red apple with their child. I am going to bring in my juicer and we will be making homemade apple juice with cinnamon. Yum!

The children will first tell what color apple(s) they brought in and then use the real apples to sort/match colors, count how many are in each group and then talk about the concepts of "more" and "most" (e.g., there are more green apples than yellow ones; we have the most red apples).

Next we will wash our apples and take turns putting each apple into the juicer, which of course will be very noisy and exciting! Finally everyone will get their own sample of homemade juice and an opportunity to "shake, shake, shake" some cinnamon on top.

These are two simple and fun ways to bring the curriculum to life and work on a variety of speech and language concepts in a group setting!



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