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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Getting Ready for Turkey Day!

Published November 18, 2011 8:29 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling

Today I have two fun activities that can be easily incorporated into your Thanksgiving curriculum sessions!


First is a language-based lesson that talks all about "What We Eat On Thanksgiving Day!" Using boardmaker pictures, I put together a sentence strip that reads, "I EAT ____ ON THANKSGIVING DAY," and chose seven popular foods that are traditionally served on the holiday.

The foods include: cranberry sauce, corn, peas, turkey, mashed potatoes, pie and muffins.

The activity went as follows: The children were told to come up and pick a food picture out of the basket. Then they needed to say the sentence by putting the food choice on the blank space on the sentence strip. Using both their finger and their words, they needed to say "I EAT (corn) ON THANKSGIVING," etc. (see below).

Sentence Strips

Finally, they needed to place the food they picked on the laminated paper "Thanksgiving table" I made (see below).

Food Pictures

We did the entire activity as a group first and then the children were given their own individual "thanksgiving table," food pictures and sentence strip to help them recreate the activity. This gave them something to take home with them, as well as give them something concrete to help them use their words at home and hopefully at the real Thanksgiving table next Thursday!


In addition to talking about Thanksgiving day, we are also re-enacting the actual first Thanksgiving day with our two preschool classrooms! One classroom will be making their own pilgrims hats and the other will of course be making their own Native American headdresses.

For this special occasion, both classrooms will be feasting together!

In addition, what would a Thanksgiving day feast be without some turkey? Yes, one of our overly generous and dedicated professionals will actually be making a turkey, stuffing and all, for our preschool classrooms! We have asked parents to donate some Thanksgiving-ish foods, such as the ones mentioned above in our first activity and all of our teachers and therapists are bringing various side dishes, appetizers and desserts as well, all in the spirit of giving!

Some of the delicious fall foods on our menu include: corn, pumpkin muffins, cranberry jelly, cranberry sauce, cinnamon cream cheese and pears, rolls, stuffing and the list goes on and on!

How is YOUR SCHOOL celebrating Thanksgiving day?


What a woderful activities in helping their  cognitive skills.also pictures to make it easy for them

Sikiti.T toga, Early.Childhood.Educator - Teacher, Early Intervention centre August 21, 2015 9:16 PM

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