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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

The Most Demanding Time of the Year!

Published April 3, 2012 12:35 PM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling
Sitting down to write today's post, that old familiar favorite holiday tune by Andy Williams, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," popped into my head! Only right now for me, quite the opposite is true. Instead of sugarplums, I have IEP goals and progress monitoring dancing in my head! For now is the most demanding time of the year in the world of a preschool speech therapist.

Springtime in a 3-5 preschool setting designed for children with special needs = quarterly progress notes, end-of-the-month billing, an influx of re-evaluations and drafting annual IEPs, as well as helping to prepare paperwork for our 5-year-olds moving on to kindergarten. It all seems to come at once through the beautiful months of April, May and June. These past two weeks have been non-stop phone calls and emails, meetings with parents and IEP teams, preparing quarterly progress notes, and evaluating children for various reasons and at various skill levels. Although we all know that these duties are necessary (and usually more enjoyable!) aspects of being a preschool-based SLP, when the deadlines and added requests all come at the same time, the demands can begin to feel very overwhelming!

I write this grumble today not to add more stress and urgency to your mind but to share my own woes in hopes of providing solace. To remind those of you feeling the strain of drowning demands that you are not alone and to find comfort here in the words of a fellow SLP. Know that you are among the many - all out there doing the best we can, giving our time and dedication, hoping that it is enough.

This week the preschool where I work is closed for spring break, so there is a temporary respite from the hectic day-to-day. However, I did bring home with me a stack of paperwork, and I know the responsibilities that await when I return. In an attempt to manage it all, I am carefully mapping out my time and my duties so it will all be done well and on time. 

Is this a busy time of year for you professionally? If so, share your own tips on how you manage the "Most Demanding Time of the Year"!



I am currently at my pre-k site as a graduate clinician and I am feeling what’s to come in the future as well, but instead of all the other work that you've mentioned (IEP meetings and paper work for kids that are going into pre-k) I am faced with research and class demands. Although this semester has been the most demanding so far, I still like to take time to myself in between papers and work to either go past an extra stop on the train to walk a bit longer and enjoy the fresh air, or plan an outing one day out of the weekend. So don’t forget to take time for yourselves, I know many get so wrapped up in what is expected but the way I always viewed it is "You going to get it done anyways, there is no way about it, so you might as well enjoy the ride a bit and treat yourself for all the hard work you have done" but beware of "overindulgence"

Ilona, SLP - Graduate Clinician, Pre-k April 5, 2012 2:34 PM
Brooklyn NY

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