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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Picky Eater Summer Solutions!

Published July 17, 2012 9:28 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling
This summer I am home on maternity leave with my two little girls. During my time home, my older daughter and I have been enjoying our extra time together by doing a wide variety of fun activities, which often involves food! Over the last few weeks, I have noticed an improvement in her picky eating tendencies. Although she continues to have her short inventory of preferred foods, it is expanding!

Here is a list of some of the fun, very simple activities she and I have been doing together that have inspired her increased interest in food!

  • Cooking and Baking Together - this is part of our daily routine; however because I have more time at home, I have been more creative in the kitchen which has been a ton of fun for all of us! Last week, we made zucchini cakes with 3 cheeses, onion, eggs and flour for dinner and for dessert, chocolate chip banana nut muffins also from scratch. I have also had my daughter helping more with some of the simple dishes, like pancakes, sandwiches and salads. I have seen her desire to help grow and now she will ask me, "What are we making next, mommy?" Our time in the kitchen together has become priceless! Oh and tasting along the way is highly encouraged!


  • Have a Picnic! - My daughter LOVES this and it can be done anywhere - inside or outside! With the excessive heat, we have not been outside as much as I would like, so sometimes we just open up a big blanket on the carpet in her playroom and create a pretty little picnic indoors. She sets up the plates, cups and utensils (which she adores doing!) and together we decide what will be served for that picnic meal. I find that just changing our mealtime routine sparked her curiosity about food, how it is prepared and what it looks and tastes like!


  • Play in Her Pretend Kitchen - My lucky little girl was given a toy refrigerator and oven/stove set for Christmas by her grandparents. She really enjoys preparing a wide variety of pretend foods for all of us. Daily, she will come up to me with a platter or bowl of something unique and homemade from her little pink kitchenette. I have tried to foster this desire to cook and prepare foods for others by making a big fuss and telling her how delicious and wonderful everything she makes is. I think this has been very successful and her habits in play are becoming her habits in real life as well!

Join me next week for more summertime solutions for your picky eater!

*This is the last week to take our online Early Intervention Parent Survey!


These hot summer months are a great time to dine outdoors! Several weeks ago I wrote a two-part post

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