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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

More Picky Eater Summer Solutions

Published July 24, 2012 10:09 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling

Last week I shared three ways that I have been using this summer to help my little picky eater become more adventurous in the kitchen!  This week I would like to present three fresh ideas to help inspire good eating habits in your little picky eater at home:

Feed and Eat with Siblings! My two year-old loves to help me with our new little baby, her little sister. Although the baby is not yet eating solid foods, her older sister loves to help out with getting her bottles and she often wants to give her a sample of what she is eating. Seeing this I feel that despite her limited eating habits, she has learned that mealtime can be a social event and sharing food with others is fun. We have also spent some extra time this summer with her cousins, who are wonderful eaters. This has also proven to be a positive influence on her eating habits. Eating with other children can really shift the focus making mealtime social and more fun!

Have an Adventure! Now that it is summertime and I am home on maternity leave, I have had more free time and have been enjoying new experiences with my girls, such as shopping at new food stores, eating at new restaurants and going to new places to swim and play. When my picky eater becomes resistant to trying a new place/food to eat, I tell her we are having an "ADVENTURE" with a smile on my face and excitement in my voice! She literally eats this up and becomes excited as well. This past weekend we went to a delicious local restaurant for some brick oven pizza and decadent Italian gelato. It was our "afternoon adventure" and although she was resistant at first, she ate one whole piece of pizza, all the mozzarella cheese off another piece and tried everyone's gelato - success!

Try ONE NEW FOOD EACH DAY! This is a new trend that I started with my daughter this summer and so far it has been a big hit! Of course I have always encouraged her to taste new foods but many times my coaxing was useless. Now that she is getting a bit older and more aware I am able to bargain and reason with her so that she is more willing to try new foods. I think one of the most important things to point out here is that I don't make her eat a new food that she has tried IF she doesn't like it. Just trying it receives a great deal of praise and trying it is enough. The fact remains, when she tries a new food and she likes it, then she eats it on her own anyway!

Thank you to all who participated in the EI Parent Survey. Join me next Tuesday as I begin to analyze and share the results!


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