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Recipe: Ideas for Leftover Halloween Candy!

Published November 5, 2012 8:16 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling
If you are anything like our family, you have wayyyyyy too much Halloween candy left over from yesterday's holiday! We have three bags of candy we never even opened! I guess we overestimated how many little ghosts and goblins would be knocking on our door last night! Now we are left with a wide variety of extra chocolate treats plus the sweets my daughter gathered on her little trick-or-treat adventure through our neighborhood!

Needless to say, I don't really want to give it all away and yet we certainly cannot eat it all ourselves! Well, I guess we could but then we would have sick tummies. So, what is the solution?? Here are a few ideas I came up with and found through some post-Halloween research!

There are many deliciously creative ideas out there, such as pairing your leftover chocolate bars with a deep glass of red wine or making or own chocolate liquor; however for the sake of our blog, I will keep my solutions to classroom and family friendly options!

Things to Do with LEFTOVER Halloween Candy!

1. Candy Makes Learning FUN! Depending on how many pieces you have left and how many different kinds, you can turn your extra candy into a sorting and learning experience! Sort the candy into piles, line it up and count the different kinds. Which candy do you have the most? Which is there the least? Which candy do you like best? Let the children pick a favorite piece at the end as a special treat!


2. Freeze It For Rainy Day Baking! You can always freeze candy bars and use them later. With the holidays fast approaching, why not try a new type of cookie and add in bits of Snickers or Kit Kat? Top your next batch of brownies with m&m's or stir Butterfingers into a chocolate cake mix. Let your baking fantasies run wild!


3. Shake it UP! Add your leftover candy bars to a yummy milk shake. Instead of going out for ice cream, buy some at the store and add your own ice cream for a special family treat. This can easily be done as a special classroom recipe as well!


4. Keep it Healthy! - Melt down the chocolate and dip in some apple slice and pear slices or make chocolate covered strawberries for dessert for Thanksgiving. Chocolate and cheese always go well together too! Another great opportunity to use your candy wisely!


5. Dessert! I know this goes against what some people would recommend; however I will often tell my picky eater, if she eats all her chicken and peas, she can pick a treat (that is mom approved) for dessert. If you have bags of candy lying around, why not use it as incentive to get your little ones to eat their veggies and protein!?




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