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Recipe: Cold-Fighting Chicken Soup

Published November 9, 2012 12:22 PM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling
When Hurricane Sandy stormed her way through the northeast, she brought with her a winter-like chill that has been here ever since she left. Now, just one week later we have snow, icy rain and high winds in early November. In the meantime, my two little ones seem to be fighting runny noses and as their mom I'm going to do everything in my power to keep them warm, well fed and healthy! One of my secret weapon foods for fighting a yucky cold is homemade chicken soup. Although my picky eater will often fight me about eating the carrots and celery in her soup, if I cut them small enough, she barely notices!

Cold-Fighting Chicken Soup

Here is what you will need:

  • Approximately 16 ounces of chicken broth (I prefer organic broth with a low sodium content)
  • Seasonings (I prefer parsley, sage and thyme)
  • Raw carrots and celery, finely chopped - approximately a ¾ cup of each
  • 2 packets of instant chicken soup
  • Water
  • 1 cooked chicken breast finely chopped
  • Mini shell pasta


*You can make this in a slow cooker or do a slow boil on the stove (I prefer the slow cooker)

*Making homemade chicken soup is a perfect way to use up leftover chicken from a previous meal


Steps to make Soup:

1. (Make sure you used cooked chicken). Cut chicken into very small bite-size pieces

2. Put raw celery and raw carrots in a food processor and chop to a fine consistency (you don't want it pureed however, just very fine. Easy for little ones to eat)

3. Pour both your plain chicken broth and the two packets of instant chicken soup into the slow cooker

4. Add approximately 2 extra cups of water or whatever the instant packets call for.

5. Add in the celery and the carrots, finely chopped

6. Add in your extra seasonings - parsley, sage and thyme

7. Let the soup simmer on low for about 3-4 hours

8. About 15 minutes before serving, pour in a ½ cup (which equals roughly a bowl's worth. Add more pasta for more bowls of soup) of raw mini pasta shells. *Broth must be in a slow boil to cook the pasta well. Don't add hours before because the pasta will soak up all the broth the longer it sits.

9. For those really picky eaters, try sprinkling a little parmesan cheese on top and give them some crackers to dip in the broth. It works at our house!! Enjoy and stay healthy and warm this fall and winter!






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