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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Recipes and Other St. Patty's Day Fun

Published March 8, 2013 9:55 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling

Today's post offers a fun recipe and a classroom activity ideal for teaching young children about St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy and have fun in your therapy sessions over the next week!

Lucky Leprechaun's Pot o' Gold Mix (peanut free!)

You will need:

Lucky charms cereal

Dried banana chips

Mini M&Ms


Dried Cranberries

Popcorn (if children are over the age of 4 and popcorn is not considered a choking hazard) *Substitute with small pretzels if you prefer.

*This is my version of a popular favorite Saint Patrick's Day "Pot o' Gold" recipe. I have researched some different versions of this recipe and I think my recipe offers a healthier option without losing the fun! The Lucky Charms cereal and the mini M&M's provide a colorful component to the mix, representing the rainbow, which is an important part of the St. Patty's Day tradition. The raisins, dried cranberries and dried banana chips are all a natural way to add some additional sweet flavor and texture. Lastly the popcorn and pretzels both add a salty component. Put it all together and you have a yummy pot o' gold!


Easy Tips on How to Make this in the Classroom:

  • Ask each child to bring in one of the above listed ingredients
  • Place each ingredient in a separate bowl
  • Place a large spoon or scoop in each bowl
  • Give each child a small plastic bowl and have them move from ingredient to ingredient scooping each one and placing it in their bowl.
  • After they have taken a sample of each, have them stir so that all their ingredients mix together
  • Have the children sit with their classmates and taste their own pot o' gold treats!
  • Have small Ziplock bags handy so that each child can bring home their extra gold!
  • Serve with green juice or another festive drink from my 3/9/12 post on St. Patrick's Day Drink Recipes!  


Hot Irish Potato!

Have your students make a circle on the floor by sitting close together. Using a real potato (the Irish people are known for growing and eating potatoes), have the students pass the potato quickly from one friend to the next while listening to Irish music. Encourage them to pass quickly pretending the potato is hot! Similar to musical chairs, play the Irish music while the students pass the potato around the circle. Stop the music and whoever has the ‘hot' potato is now out of the game. The last student holding the potato is the winner! It is an easy game teaching important turn-taking skills and building friendships.

Do you have some of your own St. Patrick's Day Ideas? Share them here!

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