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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Springtime Skills

Published March 22, 2013 8:52 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling
Today I'd like to share a fun and inexpensive speech and language activity that would definitely be a classroom hit but could also be reproduced at home as well!

"Springtime Mystery Box"

This is an idea that one of the teachers I work with and I concocted to help the children in our preschool classrooms to IMAGINE, DESCRIBE, GUESS and of course "USE THEIR WORDS." So what is it?? We are calling ours a "Mystery Box" for /M/ week at school, but you can call yours whatever you wish!

Here are some suggestions:

  • "The Speech Grab Bag"
  • "The Easter Bunny's Bundle"
  • "Springtime Surprises"

So, how does this mystery springtime bundle surprise work?? Well first you need a sturdy box or container large enough to place a variety of items. The container also needs to be completely covered so that you cannot see what is inside. Finally, the box needs to have a small opening where you and your students could put their hand in a feel what is inside without being able to see it. An easy way to make a mystery box? Use a simple cardboard box with a hole cut out and then cover the opening with a piece of felt, a ripped sheet, etc. or anything that will allow you to put your hand in and out. 

Now, you may be wondering what to put inside that mystery box? Well, now that SPRING has officially arrived (yippee!) and the Easter holiday is just about a week away, it is time to put away those snowmen, hearts and shamrocks and take out the flowers, butterflies and bunnies! Here are some of the items we used as well as some other suggestions:

  • Small bag of jelly beans
  • Small stuffed animal bunny
  • A plastic egg
  • A puzzle piece of something springtime related
  • Small bunny wind-up toy
  • A yellow crayon
  • A small orange
  • A small book about Easter

When completing the activity, have the children take turns putting their hand inside the box, feeling one of the objects, describing what they are feeling and then initiating a guess about what they think the object is!

Too hard for your little ones to do? Show them the items FIRST and THEN place items inside! Giving them the vocabulary and visuals will help them guess what they are feeling. Have fun and be creative!



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