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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Eat Like the Dinosaurs!

Published August 16, 2013 9:00 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling

The past two weeks at summer school the curriculum focused on the hot topic of DINOSAURS!

We learned all about these fascinating creatures that once walked and ruled planet Earth!  We made dinosaur hats that had pointed tales down our back, everyone brought in their favorite dinosaur books and toys for our weekly Show n' Share session and we did the "Dinosaur Stomp" during our music time.   Our dinosaur theme was a huge hit! The little boys in our classes of course loved dinosaur week, but even the girls were intrigued and started to call themselves names such as "Princess-sauras" and "Flower-sauras" after a few short days. 

 "Eat Like the Dinosaurs"

As a way to support the curriculum, I created a food-based language activity to bring the subject matter to life! We began by looking at various pictures of dinosaurs and talked about the different features they each had. 

  • Meat eaters or CARNIVORES had big sharp teeth like a shark so that they could chomp on their prey and chew the meat.
  • Plant eaters or HERBIVORES sometimes had long necks like giraffes so they could reach up into tall trees and eat the leaves that were high above the ground.

The children took turns choosing from a group of pictures and then based on the dinosaur's features decided which category to put the pictures of the dinosaurs in - the Meat Eating or Plant Eating Group! Next, we ate like the dinosaurs by sampling some of the foods that these dinosaurs would have enjoyed long ago! For the plant eaters we sampled celery, broccoli and lettuce. For the meat eaters we tasted ham and turkey.   

We then made a large chart and separated it into three sections. The children then raised their hand to indicate which group they were in? Did they only like the meat and considered themselves a Carnivore? Or did they prefer the plants and were a Herbivore? Or did they like both and considered themselves an Omnivore!

Learning about and eating like dinosaurs proved to be an excellent way to end our summer speech sessions!


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