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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Back-to-School and Cooking Classes: Getting Started!

Published September 6, 2013 8:26 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling

Now that the school year is upon us it is time to get organized and begin planning our therapy sessions. One new practice we have embraced at our school this year and are quickly making a tradition is providing aprons for all the students to decorate and use throughout the school year during our language-based cooking classes. Aprons can be bought in bulk at the Oriental Trading website, which provides various sizes and designs. We will be using fabric friendly and washing machine safe markers and paints in order to make the aprons sturdy and resilient - easy to be washed and reused. Each child will be able to design their own apron and keep it throughout the year, to protect their clothing and signal to them the start of our cooking class.     

At the genius suggestion of our assistant director, we will also save our recipes each week and compile them into a cookbook to give to the parents at the end of the school year. We have exciting changes and additions happening this school year and I wanted to share these happenings to hopefully inspire others to utilize language-based cooking lessons as well!

School Lunches: What To Pack???

On the ALLrecipes website, they offer some wonderful tips for adding variety to your child's lunchbox, as well as suggestions for "giving the kids a nourishing lunch they won't want to trade for a cupcake"! Here are some of my favorite highlights from the piece. Great advice we can all benefit from!

  • Beyond sliced bread, try crackers, pita bread, naan, corn bread, English muffins, tortillas, baked tortilla chips, mini bagels, or lettuce wraps.
  • Include enough range to keep your kids from getting bored, but don't be surprised if they settle on a few favorites and request them week after week. Kids like to have a few familiar, comforting things nearby when they are away from home
  • Give them some choices from each food group...!

And Finally:

  • ....a little note from you tucked into a lunch once in a while is a comfort J

Interested in reading the full article? Click here to visit ALLrecipes' website.

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Healthy 2013-2014 School Year!

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