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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Recipe: Go Apple Picking!

Published October 4, 2013 9:13 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling
If you are actually able to take your speech students apple picking, go for it and have fun building all the colorful language into the experience!  If not, here is the next best option, which we did today in our speech cooking class.

First, we talked about the letter A and "APPLES" which are both the focus of this week's curriculum in our preschool classes. We discussed how apples come in all different colors and have different flavors and textures. For example, Fugi apples tend to be sweet while Granny Smith Apples taste tart. Golden and Red Delicious are both very juicy!

To help make these concepts come alive, we tried 4 different apples and 3 different apple dips!

Today we used an apple slicer to core and slice our 4 different apple varieties:

  • Granny Smith apples (they are green)
  • Golden Delicious apples (they are yellow)
  • Red Delicious apples (they are red)
  • Fugi apples (they tend to be striped with shades of yellow, orange and red)

The Apple Dips we tasted today are:

  • Caramel Dip
  • A Cream Cheese Fruit Dip
  • A Pumpkin Spice Dip

Lastly, here are the language-based skills that we worked on today in our classroom group setting:

  • The children named each apple (see above) and we discussed the colors of the apples and how they looked different.
  • We discussed how each apple tasted a little different. We also discussed how the texture of each apple was slightly different - some are crunchy and crisp while others are soft and very juicy!
  • We talked about which APPLE and which DIP we liked best! Everyone was different! Some liked the Red Delicious and pumpkin dip, while others loved the Granny Smith and caramel! Most of the children preferred the Cream Cheese Fruit Dip.
  • We also talked about how apples are a fruit and how fruit is HEALTHY for us to eat!

Another suggestion which we did not have time (or attention span!) for today is to make a graph of how the class rates each apple and then compare. For example, "3 people prefer the Fugi apples, 2 prefer Red Delicious, 2 Golden Delicious and 4 chose Granny Smith". Draw a graph and use this as an opportunity to practice counting and talking about which group had the "most," the "least" and who had "more." Make it visual and colorful and watch the progression! The students will love talking about themselves and being a part of the "Granny Smith" or "Fugi Apple" group!

Join me through the month of October for new belly-warming recipes even your littlest one will love!

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