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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Summer Speech Themes!

Published July 15, 2014 7:33 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling
Starting today and running every Tuesday over the next 5 weeks until August 12th I am going to highlight fun summer themes that you can incorporate into your speech sessions during the warm steamy days of July and August. Today's theme is PIRATES, which is one that is very popular with both little boys and girls, especially under the age of 6, perfect for our Early Intervention population!


Here are 4 great ways to bring a pirate theme into your speech and language sessions!

  1. Go on a Treasure Hunt! - Gather together some "pirate treasures," hide them around your office or classroom and then create a treasure map for your students to follow to find the hidden treasures! An ideal way to work on following directions and spatial concepts, such as "under," "over," and "behind"!
    • Not sure what to use for TREASURE??? Look around your home and office for loose change, beads and baubles, fake jewels and candy! Or visit your local dollar store for a stash of pretend gold coins and you are all set!
  2. Make Your Own Bag of Pirate Booty! Using brown paper bags and at least 4-5 treats (such as marshmallows, small pretzels, Cheez-its and Cheerios), set up an assembly line at school and have the students name each food. Place foods into bowls with scoops and let each child have an opportunity to fill their bag with some yummy booty!
  3. Build a Pirate Ship! All you need for this activity is a LARGE card board box and art supplies! Lay the box down horizontally and cut off the top so that there is now a bottom and four sides like a boat. Add cuts into the box for windows and a door. Add a flag using some spare fabric (or an old t-shirt!) and broom handle. Let the students color, paint, glitter and glue the ship to their liking and add on a skull and cross bones picture at the end and you are all set! Let the pretend play begin!
  4. Play Pirate Games! Games like "Pin the Patch on the Pirate's Eye" and "Pirate BINGO" are perfect ways to keep the fun in your lessons and still work on the speech and language goals you need to address! Be creative and have fun and your students will love it and the parents will appreciate it!

Join me Friday for more summertime foods your kids will love!

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