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Early Intervention Speech Therapy

Apraxia Apps for the iPad

Published August 15, 2014 7:37 AM by Stephanie Bruno-Dowling
Apraxia remains for me one of the most challenging conditions to treat in early intervention.  I am always looking for new ways to improve my therapy and the quality of resources to share with my students and their families. Recently I began researching once again some new apps to try in my therapy sessions and to share with families who have access and the ability to download apps to their home devices.

Today's post highlights a group of apps created by the NACD or National Association for Child Development. According to the app site, the NACD is a "unique organization with a unique approach to brain growth and development. Founded in 1979....NACD has helped parents enhance the development and function of their children for over 30 years...It is from this background and experiences that the NACD team of neurodevelopmentalists and therapists, including SLPs, has created the NACD Home Speech Therapist line of speech apps," which are all listed and described below:

  • NACD Apraxia - This app focuses mainly on the skill of syllable CV (consonant + vowel) development and according to the app site, it can be used for adults and children with apraxia as well as traditional articulation practice. It provides an informational video for users to review if needed and breaks the CV syllables down into sound patterns, for example bilabials (b/p/m) are one group, alveolars (d/t/n) are another group and so on to make executing therapy easier and more organized.
  • NACD Apraxia Words - This app takes the developmental skills to the next level, thus focusing on speaking CVC (consonant + vowel + consonant) words. It provides separate informational videos for both parents and therapists. Similar to the first app, you can chose which sound group you would like to focus on (bilabial-bilabial; i.e. "map"), (velar-bilabial; I,e. "cub") and so on.

Each of the 4 apps costs $4.99 and receives high ratings and positive reviews from users, some even calling it the "best speech apraxia app." One parent reported that her youngest child struggled with apraxia and felt the Apraxia Words app "was instrumental in the progress he's made."

The apps also offer a "progress tracking" feature so that you can "save the progress for each user...and can resume....where you left off." Wonderful for SLPs working with multiple students! There is an additional charge of $4.99 to obtain this portion of the app.

The additional 2 apps created by the NACD in this apraxia series are:

  • NACD Apraxia 2 Syllables
  • NACD Apraxia Endings

Please write in and share if you have tried these apps!

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