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The Ins and Outs of Early Intervention

Your Child’s Biggest Fan

Published March 18, 2015 8:30 AM by jasna cowan

Somewhere along the line you have heard the word "autism." Tomorrow is the day someone will either confirm your deepest fears or at the very least tell you this might be going on with your child.

I want you to remember this — no diagnosis or label will ever change the love you have for your child. It should never shatter the dreams you have for your child. Your child does not change because of a diagnosis or label that is given to him.

You will go to this appointment because you love your child unconditionally and you want what is best for him. If a diagnosis is found at least with there is more help and support for him. Instead of getting speech therapy once a week, if your child is found to have autism, it means he is entitled to many other services. These services will help him in the early years to understand the world around him.

I have met too many children with the diagnosis of autism; children more brilliant than I can ever describe. They are children with passion, persistence and drive. These children have great dreams and none of them should ever be crushed or vanish because of word.

Have high expectations. Believe your child “can,” and your child will unfold right in front of you to be the gift of life they were meant to be — with you as their biggest fan.



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