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Speech in the Schools

About Speech in the Schools

A blog by and for school-based speech-language pathologists.

About Speech in the Schools

Valerie Lill, MS, CCC-SLP
Valerie Lill has spent 12 years in speech-language pathology in the public schools. She currently works in a suburban school district in Pennsylvania with elementary school students, including students with moderate to severe disabilities, and with middle school students, specifically providing social language skills instruction to students on the autism spectrum.

Prior to working in public schools, Valerie worked in a pediatric outpatient rehabilitation hospital and provided home- and center-based early intervention speech-language services through an intermediate unit. According to Valerie, "I always said I'd NEVER be a school-based SLP, but now I can't see myself doing anything else."

Teresa Roberts, MS, CCC-SLP
Teresa Roberts, MS, CCC-SLP, works as a Speech Language Pathologist in a public school setting, provides clinical mentorship, and teaches as adjunct faculty in Portland, Oregon. She is committed to making connections between knowledge and practice.

Alexandra Streeter, MA, CCC-SLP
Alexandra Streeter lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two children. She graduated from Indiana University in 1995 with her Masters in Speech Language Pathology. Since then, she has worked in school districts in Tacoma and, for the last 12 years, Tumwater, Washington.

Alexandra serves a population of preschool through 6th grader students with disorders ranging from moderate articulation disorders, speech and language delays, learning disabilities, autism, and other cognitive delays. During the summer she works a day a week in private practice, with children ages 2 and older who have various diagnoses.


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    Speech in the Schools
    Occupation: School-based speech-language pathologists
    Setting: Traditional and specialized K-12 classrooms
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