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Speech in the Schools

An Online Discovery!

Published November 28, 2011 8:53 AM by Alexandra Streeter

Thanksgiving is now over, and we'll soon be heading toward winter holidays! Today I want to share a subscription website that I am thankful for having rediscovered. I had access to it a few years ago, but it has really improved and I now have more students who can benefit.

The website is

Each week, there is a new printable newspaper written using symbols they call "symbol stix." The newspapers are differentiated. You can access a simple, easy version, a medium version or a more advanced version, depending on the students you are working with. There are sets of extensive worksheets, science experiments and cooking projects to go with the topic of each week's newspaper. There are also sections with online games and more information about each theme and holidays.  

There are various levels of membership, the most basic (which I have) gives you access to the newspaper and topic-based worksheet, and symbol stix online (I haven't figured out how to access that, and since I use Boardmaker a lot, I'm not sure if I will need it). The second level of membership includes monthly lesson plans related to state standards and again the lesson plans and activities are differentiated for teachers and therapists. The final, and most expensive level, includes the standards-based lessons, the symbol stix and the newspapers.

I am really pleased with the weekly newspaper. I have been using it in groups I do in our Functional Academics class. It hits many of the goals I have written for my students, which include answering questions and relating information.

I know of districts that use this as a curriculum for their more involved students. Since it is online, it lends itself well to collaboration.

ADVANCE readers, do you use this resource? Have you found anything similar?


Hi www.dogonews is another free site that is fabulous for students!

Elaine Mack, SLP December 22, 2011 1:11 PM
Howell NJ

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