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Speech in the Schools

Alex’s Favorite Things 2011

Published December 26, 2011 9:00 AM by Alexandra Streeter

Last year I wrote a post, a la Oprah, about my favorite (speech therapy) things! Since it is that time of year again, I am going to discuss one favorite, recycled item!

In the clinic I do some work for over the summer, there is an amazing long, transparent tube. I cannot tell you how much I have coveted this tube and wanted to take it back to school with me after summer was over. Since then, I've been on the lookout, for my very own amazing, long, transparent tube! Well guess what? I finally found one. On Black Friday, I picked up a tube full of ornaments at low cost, and it hit me, here it is! My own tube! "What do you do with it?" you may ask, and that is a good question.

 Transparent Tube

My very own tube!


Once the student has warmed up, it's also ok to say nothing, to see if he/she will request on his/her own.


Wait. Will the child say "go?" If not, after a good pause, go ahead and say "go!" (I am sure that none of us insist a child verbalize! No pressure, just fun!)


Will the child problem solve and tilt the tube? Or indicate that you tilt it?


Out they come! CRASH!

So simple, yet so fun!  Do you have a favored therapy activity made from recycled materials?


is always a good idea and you could cntlaiery tell him a little story in return for the sweet one he just told you.One thing to remember is that there really is something to motherese.  Motherese is that syrupy sweet way all of us (not just moms) talk to little ones we love. The sing songy and high pitched intonation of it and the way it's delivered, with smiles and affection, are all important to establishing strong connections in those language centers of the brain. So don't be afraid to baby talk. You can skip the  sheepy  for  sleepy  or the  wawa  for  water  but the  aren't you just daddy's cutest little, sweetest little, boy in the whole world s are keepers.Kim recently posted..

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