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Speech in the Schools

Book It, Part 25: You Did It!

Published March 26, 2012 4:00 PM by Sean Sweeney

Every kid can benefit from the kind of positive reinforcement offered by the phrase, "You did it!" especially if it is offered in an exuberant voice. I say this because lately with a number of my younger and developmentally younger students I have been using the interactive book app Pat the Bunny, and the positive reinforcement abounds, even when you haven't done much of note!

Pat the Bunny (universal app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, $3.99) makes amazing use of the interactive possibilities of the iPad touchscreen in offering an update of this classic touch-and-feel book. I remember being way too fascinated with it myself as a 7-year-old visiting my newborn baby cousin, who had recently received the book as a gift (I always loved pop-ups and that kind of stuff). Your youngest (and perhaps older) students will likely be impressed with the book's interactivity, much of which presents the opportunity for language modeling and scaffolding. Just a few of the language concepts embedded in Pat the Bunny, with the corresponding screens of the book/app.

  • Peek-a-boo: lift the flap and see Paul's changing facial expressions (i.e. up/down, feelings)
  • Ducks in the pond: make them swim back and forth (right/left/center)
  • Flowers in the garden: water them (wet/dry, tall/short)

  • Birthday Party: break the piñata (hard/soft)
  • Judy's Shoes: help her put them on using "velcro" (on/off, open/closed)
  • Sledding: push Paul and Judy down the hill (top/bottom, fast/slow)
  • The Kitchen: make music by tapping the kitchen objects (loud/quiet)
  • Bunny is hiding: look in all sorts of places in the living room (inside/behind/under)

Each page can also be used to target a variety of verbs and verb forms, cause-effect relationships, and requesting! The whole book has a "paint" mode as well, in which a few finger strokes transform the page according to the themes listed above, thus providing a context for before/after and spatial concepts around the screen.

Enjoy! Oh, and by the way, if you downloaded this app already, yay for you because YOU DID IT!

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