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Speaking of Apps

Apps for Prepositions

Published July 4, 2012 10:31 AM by Jeremy Legaspi
Prepositions can be somewhat tricky for some of our clients and students to master. Most of the time but not always, working on prepositions involves some type of  'drill' activity that is utterly boring for the child as well as the therapist. Below are 5 apps that focus on learning and comprehending prepositions.  Most of these apps focus on prepositions that can be considered "spatial concepts" but being experts in language we must not forget that prepositions aren't always "spatial" in nature and when prepositions are paired with nouns or pronouns they are called prepositional phrases.

Preposition Pets

This app, by Zorten Software, allows you to practice 16 different prepositions while playing a fun game  of memory. On each  card there is an animal  depicting 1 of the 16 prepositions. You can play with boards that are 4x4,4x5, or 5x6. One to four players can play this game by selecting 1 of 4 cute animal characters.

Price: $1.99

Preposition Builder

Preposition builder, by Mobile Education Store, works on the 28 of the common prepositions. You select your client and the prepositions you want to focus on that session and hit play. Colorful drawings depicting those prepositions are presented and your client must drag the correct word from the bottom of the screen into the sentence. What's neat about this app is that if your client drags the wrong word into the sentence, they are prompted by a picture of the wrong preposition and then asked to try again. Data tracking is available as well as cute animated sequences that your client's must earn by getting a certain number in a row correct. Your clients must be literate to use this app. This app also focuses on more than just spatial concepts

Price: $7.99

Preposition Remix

This app, by Smarty Ears, works on 20 prepositions. They are presented in a field of three and your client must select the correct picture by tapping on it.  There are various options to limit or encourage the type   feedback you want your client to receive: written cues, repeating the question, presenting at random, and buzzing, doing nothing, or moving on when the selection is incorrect.

Price: $9.99 with a $5.99 therapist upgrade that enables data and client tracking


Magical Concepts

This app is similar to Smarty Ear's Preposition Remix setup with some extra concepts thrown in. To begin you select your clients name and select the concepts to work on. There are four types of concepts: These are spatial, temporal, quantity, quality and social-emotional.The concepts are presented one at a time in a field three and your client has to select the correct one. Data is tracked and presented in a report at the end of the session. A group setting is now available allowing you to work with more than one client at a time. The app has a magic theme because your clients work towards seeing a magic trick after   earning a predetermined set of magic show stars.

Price: $14.99




Speech With Milo: Prepositions

This app is from the popular Speech With Milo series and focuses on prepositions. If  you are not familiar with this series, it revolves around Milo the mouse being depicted in animated scenes. You select the prepositions you want Milo to act out in the settings and then watch Milo in each animated sequence of  that preposition. I suggest working with this app with the music setting disabled as the music tends to get pretty annoying. There is also a Spanish version available.

Price: $2.99




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