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Speaking of Apps

APPdaptation: Found It!

Published July 12, 2012 11:24 AM by Jeremy Legaspi



Found It! is a scavenger hunt app where you have to find the item described before time runs out. I came across this app while trying to find something my clients would enjoy interacting with while also focusing on their language processing skills. I like this app because I can take tangible objects from around my therapy room or clinic and include them in the game instead of just limiting the interaction to the iPad.  With this app you can also focus on more than just language processing you can also focus on things like phonemic awareness, following directions etc... The pictures of the red ball, black phone, and pig above are corresponding to custom cards that I made to use within the app with objects I hid around the clinic. 

The app comes preloaded with default cards that can be used in multiple environments i.e. "find something with the letter T" or "find something with the number 4 on it". Some of the default cards work as many of the have to do with letters and rhyming but I added a hefty amount of my own Custom cards to the mix which is where some of upfront work might come in when using this app. The game is designed for up to four players and has multiple settings such as timer length, game difficulty, game mode, number of cards to pull at once, and how many cards it takes to win the game.


Price: $.99!/id430840404?mt=8


Check out Seek! It is an iphone game from Wizkeit Games.

It is a similar scavenger app but with some  clever clues and no timer. For example the clue "...quietly trying to avoid attention" leads you to find the mouse among a field of elephants.The clue “find the turtle who needs help”,  shows a picture of different animals and you must find the tiny turtle who is stuck on his back, needing help.

There is no time limit but you earn stars based on how quickly you find the hidden answer.

It will be great for making inferences and figurative language.

CMF-SLP July 24, 2012 10:34 AM

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