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Speaking of Apps

Top 5 iPad Tips & Tricks

Published July 23, 2012 2:49 PM by Megan Sutton

Over the next 2 posts, I'll show you 5 iPad tips that allow you to use the iPad in new or easier ways.

#5: Screenshot

Want to capture a scene in an app? The screenshot can be a very useful tool. Just press the home button at the same time as the power button and you will hear a traditional camera shutter sound and see a flash. If you get the timing right, the screenshot will appear in your Photos app. You can then email it, post it to Twitter, copy, print, or use it as a wallpaper.  In therapy, a screenshot can save a client's work in a writing or drawing app to email to a family member. If you use a therapy app that allows you to import your own pictures, you may find it helpful to take screenshots of pictures or scenes in other apps to import. Here, a blogger uses scenes from MyPlayHome to write labels using DoodleBuddy.

#4: Split Keyboard

Typing on the iPhone is easy to do with your thumbs. OK, not exactly easy, but ... On the iPad, it's most natural to type with it set up on a stand in landscape orientation to use both hands. What if you have to hold it with both hands? How do you type then? Split the keyboard! With the keyboard up, take two fingers or your thumbs and spread them in opposite directions, just like you're pulling the keyboard apart. It will separate onto both sides of the screen, making it easier to hold the iPad in your hands and type with your thumbs. To get it back to normal, just push two fingers in from both sides. If you can't master the gesture, there's another way to split the keyboard.  Hold down the Keyboard button on the bottom right corner of the keyboard until the menu pops up. Select "Split" to separate the keyboard and "Dock & Merge" to return to normal. Look! I took a screenshot of this:


#3: Hidden Punctuation

I use this more than any other shortcut. When typing letters on the keyboard, you have access to only four punctuation marks: comma, period, exclamation, and question; for all others you have to switch to the number/punctuation page. Or do you? There are actually two more symbols hidden on the letter screen. Just press and hold the comma to get an apostrophe; press and hold the period to get quotes. Once the symbol shows up in blue over the button, release and it will be typed! Want accents? Press and hold any letter that has an accent and you'll see options. Play around with the keyboard and punctuation buttons - press and hold each one to see what secrets it holds!

Next week I'll give you two more ways to make the iPad even more useful and easier to use. Stay tuned!

posted by Megan Sutton


Here's another one:  flip your finger up on the comma and you get an apostrophe.  I use that one the most.

Denyse, Schools - SLP August 10, 2012 6:45 AM

Thank you for these great tips!!!  I was really struggling without the apostrophe on the original keyboard.  I was playing around with the letters for accents, but couldn't get my iPad to acknowledge my touch for the accented vowel.  Can you tell me what I must do to make print on the page?

Dee Anne Persinger, , Speech Pathologist Elementary School August 1, 2012 12:58 AM
El Cajon CA

Last week I shared with you three of my top five iPad tips and tricks. Here are the top two: #2: Text

July 30, 2012 2:57 PM

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