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Speaking of Apps

Apps for Following Directions and Processing Skills

Published August 1, 2012 2:35 PM by Jeremy Legaspi
As a seasoned speech path I am sure you have been using a variety of apps to work on skills such as following directions. There are a number of apps not specifically designed to work on following direction but work very nicely for working on this skill. These include Toca Boca Kitchen, any of the "maker" apps, etc. There are also apps that are designed to work directly on following directions. Here are some apps that work directly on this skill:

Fun with Directions 


Fun With Directions is actually 2 apps, there is Fun With Directions and More Fun With Directions. They are both developed by Hamaguchi Apps and I highly recommend both. This is app is unique as instead of just tapping pictures in the order that you hear them you actually carry out the activity of "pushing" or "giving" by interacting with the objects on the screen, as well as working on processing skills. The one option I wish this app had is the ability to add clients and track data; it would really be a useful feature. The apps  include directions  focusing on the following concepts:                                                                                                                                      

Fun With Directions ($9.99): Give, touch, open, close, push, top, bottom, middle, color,                                

More Fun with Directions ($9.99): turn on, turn off, above, below, in front, behind, on, under, up, down, in, out

The directions are then broken up into difficulty level-

  • Easy Directions: one action + one object
  • Intermediate Directions: one action + one descriptor
  • Advanced Directions:one action + advanced description


Easy Concepts

Easy Concepts ($4.99) is developed by Easy Speak Enterprises. This was one of the first following direction apps on the market.  It's a simple app that focuses on following directions based on: size, sequence, and before and after. It follows an animal theme taking your clients underwater, to the jungle, and on the farm.  It's great for younger kids just starting to work on these skills.


Splingo's Universe  

Splingo's Universe ($1.99) is developed by Speech and Language Store. They are a UK based developer so they have US and UK dictionaries available. This app has four levels of following directions that increase the processing difficulty at each level. They move from one main word to 4 main words adding a noun, verb, preposition, and adjective as you move up each level.  You are able to turn these on and off depending on what you want to focus on. You are able to work on written instructions as well and this feature can be turned on and off in the settings.  There is also a built in game that motives the client to finish each section so they can build a rocket ship. I am not a huge fan of the arrows they use in the app to indicate placement of the object as they sometimes can be confusing.













Auditory Workout

Auditory workout ($19.99), developed by Virtual Speech Center Inc, is a pretty comprehensive app for processing skills that targets:

  • Basic Directions (15 levels within this category ranging from "one-step directions with object" to "one-step directions with size, color, object, action, preposition, and object)
  • Quantitative and Spatial Directions (12 levels ranging from "concepts and/or plus an object" to "the concept of first, second, third, and last combined with size, color, and object.")
  • Temporal Directions (18 levels ranging from "the concepts of before plus an object" to "concepts of before/after combined with size and object.")
  • Conditional Directions (15 levels ranging from "conditional directions with object" to "conditional directions combined with size, object, action, preposition, and object.")

You are able to select multiple clients and specifically which levels you want to add for each client to work on essentially developing mini lesson plans for that session. The client is presented with five cards and then has to carry out the instructions given by the male voice. The app then tracks the data for you and presents you with a report card at the end of each session. The app also has two built in mini games of basketball and catch that ball that are fun and engaging for your clients.



Let's Talk: Following Instructions

I am listing Let's Talk: Following Instructions ($1.99) app because it was a big letdown for me.  The name of the app is a bit deceiving because all the app does is give you a field of three cards and then ask you to find the named card. Not really following instructions but more of a lesson in vocabulary. The description in the App Store is nice and long and sounds impressive and might be a good app if you are working on identifying nouns but it's not an app that works on following directions.




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