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Speaking of Apps

Augmented Fun: Mask Jumble Animals

Published August 23, 2012 11:03 AM by Jeremy Legaspi

Mask Jumble was released, this past week by Pi'ikea Street. This developer also makes other great apps that can be used for therapy such as Interactive Alphabet and a favorite of mine when working on memory activities-Memory Train

If you haven't explored using augmented reality (AR) I highly recommend. This app uses the iPad's camera and overlays an animal ‘mask' over the user's face. It's great for working on identifying parts of the face as it asks you to find eyes, ears, mouth, hair, and chin of each animal. A matching card pops up in the lower left hand corner and you have to tap each face part until you form the animal mask. Automatic hints are given such as "It has stripes!"  etc... to help you along the away. Once the animal mask is ready you get to play a fun feeding game where you try to catch strawberries in your mouth to unlock new masks (10 in all with new ones on the way). Another cool feature is the "wild button" that makes random mask combinations from different animals. This feature is useful for kids working on describing skills- i.e., short ears vs. long ears.






posted by Jeremy Legaspi


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